kind secrets

I have been stitching with my hands for about 43 years now.  For some reason, I am drawn like a magnet to a huge chunk of metal to fabric & thread.  My heart and soul is drawn magically to the fiber arts.

I am not sure if it is the complete control over how I will change a blank piece of fabric or a skein of thread and turn it into something glorious or if it is just to keep my hands busy.  Maybe it is the excitement as I begin a new project or the thrill of putting in that final stitch?  Maybe it is the feeling of accomplishment?

Side note:  I have stuck to my New Year’s Resolution.  I have had a completed piece framed each month.  Instead of the pile of unframed projects, the pile has dwindled down to 2.  Feels wonderful to place value on each piece and walk it through to completion.


A general rule of thumb is that I stitch 6 days a week for about 50 minutes. (That would be the amount of time it takes Mr. Right to make our daily juice.)  Oh sure, I stitch more on some days or if the sun is shining and I sneak outdoors for 30 minutes and add a few letters or a leaf on a vine.  Once in a while, I stitch for 30 minutes when Mr. Right watches Jeopardy.  I listen as my fingers and needle fly.

Over the years, I have heard family members get into nasty altercations about what they “deserve” when someone older moves into a care facility or have passed on.  If the person didn’t leave specific wishes, then I guess it is a mystery. “She would have wanted me to have this.”   Notice how there are no fights or discussions about Uncle Gary’s stacks and stacks of National Geographic magazines?

Samplers are by far my favorite counted cross stitch item to work on.  The hobby of counting stitches has fallen by the way side.   So I seek and find comradery of fellow stitchers on-line.  Yes, the great big technology world we live in, actually connects me with others who value the fine art of stitchery.  Oh sure I would adore having a “sew and tell” in person with hot cups of coffee.  However, it is just not in the cards.

Oh sure, Mr. Right listens with what looks like real interest.  However, I have this funny feeling he is thinking, what the20150923_115023-1 heck do I know about 1/2 stitches or hand dyed threads?

I do think things through & of course solve the world’s problems while adding a stitch here or there, sometimes however,  my mind wonders.  I figure out little ways to add secrets to my pieces.  Sometimes, I stitch one child’s birthday as the date I place upon the piece.  Sometimes, I use another person’s initials instead of my own.  Sometimes, I stitch into the actual design the year of one daughter in law’s birth year. 20150922_175709-1

Yes, I give a few as gifts.  Once in a while I add a special charm to the back or I include a hidden favorite animal in the finished piece.  There are a few special people in my life that I like to mark in my heart.  I have stitched a beach scene for a friend who finds peace near the water’s edge.  I have stitched a beautiful heart for a friend who, well, has a beautiful heart.  Yes, for each of our grands I have stitched a birth sampler.

I would like to think, instead of a heated discussion or gasp, one of my pieces being tossed into the “give to Charity” box…. I would like to think that my family will discover the secret codes and figure out the pieces that were made with them in mind.

“Be to others kind and true as you’d have others be to you.”

2 thoughts on “kind secrets

  1. What a beautiful post. I have a few stitcheries I’ve done but they are crewel. I admire people who do cross stich. For me, it is too repetitive and I am an attention deficit kind of person!
    I’ll have to take some pictures of my earlier crewel projects and email them to you.
    xoxo Joanne

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