short and sweet

One tricky part about having grandchildren in different states, is figuring out sweet and fun ways to tell them that we love them.

Oh sure, we send post cards, pictures, presents.  We Skype and chat on the phone.  We send greeting cards that are silly.

When visiting them, one thing I loved was going out to enjoy Frozen Yogurt.  Here is a secret, Papa and I did not get yogurt, we had our hands full trying to help two little girls.  You’d think we never raised kiddos?  Get the yogurt, choose the toppings, get napkins, pay, find a table, get more napkins, get another spoon,  help rearrange the chairs.   Gee, when did we fall out of practice?

I liked helping them maneuver their bowls and wait patiently while they chose the perfect toppings.  Sprinkles and blueberries, awwww, perfect choices.  20150920_184616-1

I made these felt piggy banks.  Flat, easy to mail.   The googly eyes make me giggle.

Papa filled the flat banks with paper money.

We wrote a note.

Please ask your parents to take you out for Frozen Yogurt.

…this little piggy went to market get frozen yogurt.

Goodness sakes I am grateful for grandchildren.  They make the world a better place.

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  1. 6ncounting

    I am sooo in agreement with you!! Grandchildren do make this world a better place!! Thanks for the flat piggy bank idea, I know a few grandsons, and nephews, and nieces, that would love getting a piggy in the mail. 😊

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