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Recently, while on vacation, I actually used a “great idea, I should try that sometime” tip.

Packing a suitcase……I want to be one of those people who toss a few things in a bag, add one big, gorgeous scarf that triples a pashmina to ward off the chill on the plane, a lovely wrap to go out to dinner and somehow tie a swirly knot and it magically becomes a bathing suit cover-up.

I am not one of those people.

I bring two huge, beautiful scarves and a bathing suit cover-up and three pairs of flip-flops (not sure which ones I want to wear with what) and a sweatshirt (in case it is chilly…. while watching stars near the Sea of Cortez….. um, note to self, next time leave the sweatshirt at home where it is 47*) and the list goes on and on.

To sum up, my suitcase for a week at the beach, weighed 42 pounds.  Seriously?  Who needs that much stuff?

Here is one thing that actually worked, saved space, weight and I actually remembered to do it!

photo 2When ever I order my natural lotions and potions and shampoo and conditioners….. the amazing companies almost always send free samples.  You know the ones that clutter up your make up drawer, lotions & potions basket?  You know that sample that is standing behind the sink faucet, because you are going to use it sometime?

I started collecting those samples about 6 months 20151110_091955-1ago.  I put them all neatly into a zip-lock bag.  I tossed the bag into my suitcase.

I actually USED them!  Instead of packing all the containers and pouring some potions into “travel” containers, I skipped that part of the packing ordeal.

All those little sample packets of things I already knew I could use that didn’t have any crazy chemicals were ready to go.

I just tossed the empty packet when done.  Nothing to bring back home.

Now, you would think that since I was so smart and tossed all those empty packets, my suitcase would have been much lighter coming home?

Hahaha, turns out bringing home books for the grands weighs more than lotions and potions.

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