With all the ugly horror going on and focusing on the bad… I needed, I craved, my heart ached to remember some glorious trips we took in France.

I am in need of the good memories to flood my mind. I am trying to replace some nightmare images with good.

Through the ugly, I needed to calm my soul and remember, re-live the amazing and wonderful trips our family experienced.

I wanted to remember the small toss-away cameras we bought for our young boys.  For the first time ever they got to take their very own photographs.

I needed to remember Mr. Right running the stairs to the top of the Eiffel tower, trying to beat our elevator.

The people were so kind to us.  In Northern France, we were treated extremely well.  Our children were adored.

The ceramic sales person talking to Son #1 and explaining in French how much the fish shaped plates were. (side note, I bought 12 dinner plates and still use them)

I remember, speaking French (poorly), trying to buy French Bread in a bakery and the kind man behind the counter, with a huge smile,  said in English to me…. “in France we just call it bread” hahaha

I know just on the other side of grief and sadness are delightful memories of many, many  wonderful memories.

The art that filled our heart and soul and changed our lives forever.  The sites we visited and learned so much from.

The very moment we saw lightening strike the angel Gabriel atop Château St. Michele.

20151117_223324-2I found this cross stitch pattern.  It is a Blackbird Design and offered as a free pattern. I used left over 32 count linen.

This week I am stitching and remembering.  I am stitching and sending positive energy to France.  I am stitching and sending oodles of prayers and good karma and warm wishes to the people of France.

The people and experiences of our time in France changed our lives forever.  We are a better family, better individuals because of all that we saw and lived.

The very least I can do is


France, I thank you for your part in my journey.


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