jump out the toxins

Watching & hearing the school clock tick down second by second made me giddy.   It was always fascinating to “hear” the time click by.  There was a cardboard box , on the floor, near the door,”someone” was chosen to carry it.

The bell.


jump rope 4The cardboard box held yellow jump ropes.  They were in HOT demand.  The shorter kids knew exactly how to wrap them around each hand to make shorter.  Some ropes were tied end to end for double Dutch.  The boys would tie a big knot in the middle and use it for tug o war. school jump ropes

Have all the jump ropes gone away?  Very rarely do I see school children on the playground jumping.  Let me ask you, when was the last time you saw someone jump roping?  Child or adult.

Hey, remember those girls who would run and jump rope at the same time?  Remember the one girl with the extra fancy footwork?

Here’s the grown up version:

Jump out those toxins! (toxins can mean even the stubborn cold you can’t seem to shake, or a poor complexion you are trying to improve.)

 We all know the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump.  It relies on the expansion and contraction of your muscles to move it around your body. Use a rebounder a trampoline or a jump ropejump rope 5

While all three are great, the rope is about $9.00 and super easy to fit in your purse, back pack or suit case.

Ever see a mom mindlessly rocking a grocery cart to and fro?  Ever seen a grandma rocking a grand baby in a rocking chair for an hour?

Yep, smarty pants women.  The too and fro motion are what gets a baby to stop fussing.  Yep, their lymphatic system is being worked.

I love to jump rope.  I love the whooshing sound of the rope coming around my head.

Jumping rope increases the blood flow, all over work out.  Your arms and legs will love it.

“But it’s cold outside”.  You don’t really need that big of a space to jump rope.  In the garage, in the playroom…. amazing what you can figure out.

You know when you are feeling cold and you just can’t seem to warm up?  You thought I was going to say, “vacuum”.  Nope!  Spend 5 minutes jump roping.  I guarantee you will forget you were chilly in the first place. However, we all know vacuuming for a bit will warm up the body, too.

This past weekend, did you hear the phrase “gosh, I am Thanksgiving full”?   May I gently suggest 5 minutes of jump roping?

Fun, easy, quick.  Helps with balance and rhythm.  Makes me smile every single time I jump.

Need a great Christmas stocking stuffer idea?  You KNOW I am going to say a jump rope. ha

Next time you receive a text message, “How are you today?  What are you up to?” Jump rope for 5 minutes then answer, “oh, nothin’ much, just jump roping”!

In this together!

Here’s to our health & wellness!

ps.  note to self, wear shoes when jumping rope.  When that rope hits your bare tootsies or sock feet, yipes!, it stings.  (you’re welcome)




6 thoughts on “jump out the toxins

  1. Kathie

    Thank you for reminding me that this was my absolute favorite recess activity. Not that this was the only one (my list could get a bit longish!) I could run, hop, skip along the playground. In a dress of course!! Double Dutch was the ultimate. I see a jump rope in my future. Hmmm…maybe one of Santa’s elves might hint to my Mr. Right 🙂 To our memories and health!!!

  2. I do remember when all the girls jumped rope at school, and also in the neighborhood after school. And the boys sometimes joined in when everyone was playing. Guess what? I just found double dutch competitive jumping on you tube! Very nostalgic.

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