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One of the trickiest things about owning your own business and working from home…. being alone.  No one to chat with, share a recipe with, waste 4 minutes by the coffee center at work. It just gets weird sometimes.  Oh, I like my alone time, just gets a little quiet now and then.

Now, don’t get me wrong, a certain sweet hairy Golden Retriever is excellent company.  No really.  She listens when I complain and she watches with interest while I do paperwork.  She is always up for “let’s go out and get some fresh air”.  She waits patiently while I cook up a new recipe.  She is the world’s greatest taste tester.  Makes me feel wonderful.  99.9% of the time she is impressed and finishes the sample.

I never thought I would ever embrace technology.  I find that I use it more and more. It keeps me connected and I don’t feel so alone.

I read about, buy and print patterns.  I belong to a couple of on line craft groups.   I receive pictures of our grands on a daily basis. I Christmas shop. I study and learn on a daily basis. Yes, technology pushes my swing.

Here is an idea that I jumped all over.  Two friends from different states wanted to cook together.   What? Fire up the internet and count me in!  I may have scared them with how anxious and excited I was to be included. oopsie.

One chose a recipe, new to each of us.  Then we dug in.  We procured the ingredients, fired up the stove and tied on the aprons.20151202_104345

Then we share thoughts and pictures (of course) on how it all came out in the wash.20151202_114045-1

I like having homework.  I like working towards a goal & having a delicious outcome is a charming bonus.  Sharing with a couple of girlfriends?  Complete and wonderful WIN!

This challenge was Black Bean Burgers and Salsa Verde.

Here’s is a bit of what I wrote about mine:20151202_104516-1

The aroma of roasting jalapenos and tomatillos makes your house smell like you know how to cook. .Making your own Salsa Verde takes your ordinary dinner up a notch.  The colors are bright and smart,  just as I would describe the taste……..flavorful, a touch of tang and heat and messy enough to use paper napkins.  5 star….


Next recipe to share and talk about?  As I type this, I can smell the Tuscan Baked Beans cooking away.

Maybe home alone, cooking isn’t so lonely. Maybe one needs alone time to create amazing food?


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