Birthday girl

Today is our daughter in law’s birthday.  Our smart, beautiful, funny, girl.  20151130_112749-1

She is a fantastic mom to our Grand.  Just couldn’t imagine a better person for the job.  She is everything you wish for in a mom to your Grands.  He is thriving and such a pleasure to watch and be with.  All because his parents are who they are.

Okay, let’s talk hair.  She has gorgeous thick, rich, stunning hair.  She is the girl you want to take a picture of and take it to your hair dresser and say…………….THAT.  That is what I want my hair to look like.  Seriously, that thick and rich and healthy.

Did I mention she brings out the best in our son?  She has a way of making our son laugh and smile.  You know those smile lines?  Yep, she is the one who makes our son smile.  Okay, wait, if our grand is sitting in her lap, then our son smiles huge.  Okay, if you put her at a hockey game, with our grand on her lap and our son beside her, then they all three are smiling ear to ear! 20151130_112714

I loved going to get frozen yogurt with her.  I loved that she handed me a latte while I was rocking our boy to sleep.  I love how fast her brain works.  I love that she is decorating their home with charming touches.  I love that she has a sweet tooth. I love that she makes lunches for the week.  I love her beautiful eyes.

I want to wish her a very chilly December birthday.  Where we live it is chilly.  Not chilly where she lives.  70* near the beach in California is not exactly mitten weather.  However, it is chilly to her.  20151130_113015

We are so lucky she is our family.

Here’s to an amazing celebration of you!

Happy Birthday Monica!