tag, you’re it

I don’t care for those Christmas package gift tags.  You know the ones?  They come packaged in that ridiculous plastic cardboard and once you finally gouge, rip, tear it open , they are everywhere, even though you only wanted to use two of them?  Normally priced at $2.49 for 50.  Me being the thrifty shopper bought them last year on the 75% off sale on December 27th.  So they are cheap, now sort of bent from storage and weird.

What was I thinking?

They have weird designs.  I really don’t want to use weird shaped ears on elves any more than the next mom. The Santa’s that have mean facial expressions, really?  I don’t care for the 3 Christmas balls with glitter sort of on the top.  You know the ones I am talking about, gold, red and green with the three stripes of glitter on top.



I don’t like it.  Not one little bit.  I don’t want to buy /make the best gift in the land and then write        To: son #2    From: Mom

urgh, nothing sweet, kind, creative, loving or fancy about that.

The tags NEVER match my paper.  EVER.

The tags they do sell to match the paper, have an  incredibly little thin gold string, my fingers (apparently way too large to tie a knot) just can’t handle it.  I end up taping on the tag.

I admit, after a 2 or 3 hour session of wrapping gifts (let’s face it the first two gifts look amazing) that gift number 14 is a shirt, you don’t want to get a box and fancy tissue and you calculate the cost of the shirt and decide, um, I don’t need to go to all that trouble. (maybe that is me?)  So, I roll it up in paper, slap a tag on it and toss it in the pile.  urgh.

THIS year is different.  I stole, borrowed, came up with a way better solution. 20151202_194747-1

Throughout the year, have collected letters (on sale, of course).  Once I wrap a gift, I find a letter to correspond to the recipient and I either stick it on a plain tag or I put it directly on the box.20151202_203814

I am feeling quite puffed up about all this.  Seems rather Pinterest worthy.  haha.  So creative.  Beautiful.  Gosh, I am smart!20151203_215712

That is until the boxes arrive at their respective homes.  Beautifully wrapped gifts with a bunch of loose letters in the bottom of the box.  All the gifts have blank tags.   The adult kids will be saying to themselves…………..gosh, how creative.  This should be interesting.

So, I am hoping when our adult sons open beautiful Cinderella tiaras they smile and put them on.  I am also hoping when the grands open “hand made, cedar filled, shoe refreshers” they will say, “how thoughtful of grandmother to make these for my light up sneakers”.

Gosh, Grandma is creative.  We are so lucky. 20151202_200046 Tis the season!



4 thoughts on “tag, you’re it

  1. Britt

    Love this! That first gift with the large letter attached and bright blue ribbon looks beautiful! Amazing job! And I hope there will be picture evidence of said adult sons in Cinderella tiaras because that’s just what the holidays are all about!

  2. aren’t you so clever? I love it!!
    We did coordinated wrap one year. The kids didn’t know which gifts were theirs under the tree until Christmas morning when the stocking wrap gave away the secret code!

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