visions of …..

The last few days, I feel like a hyper active fourth grade child.   I run from project to project.  I outline a blog, scribble notes, jot down grocery lists, sew a little something, wrap a gift.  You get the idea.

I never feel like those wonderful bloggers who have their trees decorated and all is calm.  Well maybe it is calm, just for that picture?  Okay, I know they decorate a tree in September for great pictures.  They are not worried and fussing over the stormy weather or fingers crossed the pot pies turn out amazing for a cozy dinner.  They only work on one tree, one area.

I have visions of 8 camera people helping them.  Everyone jolly and friendly.  All hands on deck to help and offer up suggestions.  Oodles of money to spare.

I am starting to get the feeling.  You know?  Some of the gifts are sent, some of the decorating is done, the candles are in all the windows.  Baking has begun, birthday gifts wrapped….  still lots to do, however lots of things checked off the list.

My mind swirls.  Sometimes, I can’t calm down.   Sometimes, we all need to sit back and take inventory of all the things we have done.

When you replay the week, it is amazing what one does.

Gentle suggestion….. buy some cranberries to use in some vases.  Beautiful, cheap and looks like you are a decorator.  While you are out and about, stop by the hardware store.  Buy a painters drop cloth.  They are cheap and easy to cut and sew into a table runner.  Again, you will look like you know what you are doing.

We are in the middle of Advent….. time is ticking.  Please find time to pat yourself on the back for all of the things you have created this season.  ESPECIALLY if it is a safe haven for  you & your family.



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