Oh, you KNOW I adored a good Mounds Bar and the Almond Joy.  SWOON

You don’t happen to have any raw honey hanging around in your pantry?
Look below!!!

Today, I used raw honey and my heart is giddy with happiness!

1 cup fine coconut

4 Tablespoons raw honey (I used Befuddled Farms honey, sweet)

2 Tablespoons just melted coconut oil

This is where you would add a half an almond if you want these to turn into Joy!

Combine together, form 10 balls, freeze.

Dip in melted chocolate (I used dairy free, vegan, enjoy chips) & a touch of coconut oil.

Let harden. add a drop of wet chocolate and sprinkle will a little coconut and add a sliced almond if you put an almond in yours.

makes 10, keep chilled

Visions of Coconut Mounds Treats danced in her head.

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