invisible glitter

I don’t normally open presents before Christmas day.  For some goofy reason, I couldn’t wait.  The box came in the mail, it had my name on it. I tore into it like a sleepy eyed 8 year old on Christmas morning.

I read the tag.  Somehow, seeing my name written on a gift tag gives me a giddy feeling in the pit of my stomach.  A tiny touch of sparkle on the edge of the tag offers up a promise of goodness to come.20151217_105212-1_resized

It’s for me.  Rubbing hands together in glee!

I looked at the wrapping.  I fell in love with the soft, bendy glittery white snowflake under the ribbon.  Note to self:  buy oodles for next year and slap those puppies (not real puppies) on all the gifts we give and mail.

Okay, I take off the ribbon (I set aside and save, ’cause you KNOW I am going to reuse that piece of beauty).  I peel back the paper.  Inch by inch, I reveal a bit more…….paper.  I rip a bit and then I grab and shred.  It is not lady like at all.  I have a need to know.  What the heck is hidden inside this jaunty red paper?

My, my, my, what do we have here?

Handmade mittens!  Mittens made with recycled sweaters & fabric! Don’t ya just swoon when something beautiful is made from something that was once beautiful?  It’s like all the goodness from the first creation is jam packed into the new and improved creation.

To a person who is in the habit of making homemade gifts, receiving something handmade is GLORIOUS!!!!!  It doesn’t happen often.  It is the grand daddy of all gifts.  Handmade just for me!

…and they fit! Years ago, my mother in law knit me a pair of mittens that were extra big.  She thought my request was silly.  It’s just that this girl has some big paws on her.  To find cute gloves or mittens that fit is quite a feat. 20151216_125814_resized

The exact moment I slipped my hands inside my very own handmade mittens, I felt the warmth.  They are soft, thick, chunky and cozy.  They surrounded my hands with warmth and a little something else.

I was trying to put my finger on it.

Grace.  Oh that’s it.

My friend thought enough of me to mail a wonderful, charming, handmade gift.       It IS the mittens and yet, it is so much more.

She sends me funny things to entertain me when I have my daily medicine.  She mails me beautiful cards, somehow “knowing” the perfect time.  We trade funny stories to make each other giggle.

We live on opposite coasts, we grew up with different religions, we only “met” a couple years ago.  Somehow by Grace, we know a good thing when it smacks us in the face.

We relish the gift of grace we have been given.  Time to figure out all the amazing things we have in common.  We both have two sisters.  We both have two children.  We both married our Mr. Rights. We both love swimming.  We both keep chickens.  We both…..

We both live our lives, arms wide open, looking for Grace.      grace quote

In a wacky twist of technology, my friend and I met via the internet. The thread that tied us together?  Our blogs.  We both write. You can visit her

Some may say it was luck that brought us together.  Or was it quite possibly spiritual Grace?  Maybe, just maybe by holding our arms & hearts open we were ready when Grace was?

We have never met in person (plans are in the works).  We took a chance.  Oh yes, we were cautious at first.  We did not give away too much.   We carefully, slowly built up trust and a really beautiful friendship.

The kind of friendship where you can talk until the battery runs out in your phone and if your nose is too stuffy to talk, text until it is time to go make dinner.

Grace is all around us.  It’s free for the taking and BOY HOWDY, it feels lovely.

Grace may be inside a card.  Like invisible glitter it falls all over you when you open it.  No matter how much you try, you can never brush it all off.  Once Grace happens, you are never the same.  Your spirit is just a bit more lovely, a tiny bit more sparkly.

Grace may be standing next to you in the grocery line. You feel giddy when you make a connection with an 85 year old gentleman buying birthday candles for his wife,  because he reminds you of your dad. Invisible glitter strikes again.  Two people, now with a touch more sparkle just because they bumped into one another.

Maybe we just have to be open and spread our arms as wide as they can go?  (BIG yoga stretch here!)  Maybe our pumps need to be primed and ready to accept such goodness?

You never know, you might just find Grace hidden inside a handmade mitten.  In that very ordinary moment, you are bathed in Grace and never quite the same again.

Invisible glitter is covering both your hands & spirit, adding just a teeny bit more sparkle to your spirit.

7 thoughts on “invisible glitter

  1. Oh my goodness. How beautiful a post this is and how honored I feel. I love that you say “Grace is like invisible glitter.” I may have to borrow that phrase it is so profound.
    I think you have hit our friendship on the head completely We talk until the battery runs out on our phone and then text until dinner. And text some more and send pictures. It is a marvelous thing to have a friendship that is tight and respectful and close. How reassuring it is.
    Thank you so much for this beautiful tribute Daleen! Here’s to many more eons of friendship my dear!
    xoxo Joanne

    1. Grace is like invisible Glitter.
      I don’t know how that popped into my head.
      You may borrow away.
      We all say it at one time or another, “geesh, I need new friends”. So after you march over the 50 year mark, making new friends is tricky. No longer in a classroom 8 hours a day, no longer taking band lessons etc.
      I feel like it was a God thing that you Graced my life with friendship.
      It is a privilege and honor to call you friend. I will make an effort to keep that privilege and honor it. I know how lucky I truly am.
      Here, Here! Here’s to many more eons of friendship.
      Love ya, girlie!

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