change is in the air

Today, I welcome a guest writer to my blog.  Sit back and enjoy her thoughts on choosing a word for the new year ahead.  Thank you, Carmen for taking the time to share your thoughts.

Hi! My name is Carmen and I have been a follower of Miss Daleen’s blog for quite a while now. I thought I would do a bit of sharing and offer my friend a “blog break”.

So, it’s that time of the year again, when we are encouraged to pick a word that will be our “word” of the year, the door, the walls, the ceiling of our year, one word.

Over the past four years I have kept track of my “words”. In 2012, it was “Grace”. In 2013 was “Love”. “Freedom” was the “word” of 2014 and for this past year it was “Joy”.

Now I have to tell you that for some years it seemed like my word didn’t seem to have much of an impact on my year. But this past year, I couldn’t have imagined where “Joy” would have taken me.

The year started out as usual, just a normal year. By April I was wondering what “Joy” had to do with my year. Then the month of May came and everything changed. I took an unexpected trip to my home state and ended up staying for four months.

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During those months, I reconnected with old friends and made new friends. I worked on a cross stitch project celebrating thirty years of friendship with our Miss Daleen.

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I learned about fermenting, and made/fermented our own pineapple vinegar. I learned about kombucha and how to care for honey bees.

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I re-connected with a wonderful church in my home town and had so much fun working along side them during the fair.


It was in all of this activity that I found the word, “Joy”, manifesting in my life.

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So much joy, enjoying my days, day after day. Joy that I haven’t known for a long time. You know, sometimes life gets that way, our days pour into our days and we don’t even know that we have lost our joy. And then…something happens, especially when “joy” is your word of the year. For me, things began to open up and turn around. I found that I was regularly thinking of what I could be doing to hang onto the JOY. And that is when the “Word of the year for 2016” arrived.

I decided that I wanted to continue to enjoy the JOY of my life. After much thought, I came to the understanding that I must be willing to make some changes, little and big, to hang on to this joy. In some areas of my life the changes will be easy, in others, they may even prove to be impossible but I am going to be working on making some changes. So my word for 2016, that will be my door, and windows, my ceiling and floor, and maybe even my moveable walls, will be the word “CHANGE”. I am looking forward to what the new year may hold, especially along the lines of making some changes.

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How did your 2015 word impact your life? How about for 2016? Do you have a word chosen yet?  I would love to hear your “word” stories and choices.

7 thoughts on “change is in the air

  1. Hello Carmen! What a beautiful joyful post! I love how you described the joy that you found in your life the past year. My husband is a hobby bee keeper so I especially love that you rubbed elbows with some honeybees!
    I did have a word of the year but now, for the life of me, I cannot remember what it is! I have been so busy and my life has also gone through a tremendous change that I seem to have forgotton it. Oh well! Obviously I need to make a better note of the word I pick going forward into 2016.
    I love your next word -CHANGE- and think it’s terrific. I hope you write another post and let us know how it’s going later on in the year. I’ll write a post about my word (not chosen yet!) in January so be sure and pop by later to check it out.
    Blessings to you,
    Katherine’s Daughter

    1. 6ncounting

      Joanne, thank you for your wonderful comments. This past summer was so unexpected but in the midst of some very difficult days I did find the tremendous joy that I hope to continue to walk in. We will have to see how the next year goes.

    1. 6ncounting

      Gallivanta, thank you!! I am also hoping the joy continues. Along the way I am learning that I am the one that can work on making that happen. In saying that, I just took a small look at your blog. Loved the pictures of all the flowers. They added to the joy of my day today, thanks! I look forward to exploring more of your blog posts over the next few days.

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