all is calm

All is calm. Okay, you know that is a fib.  There are still presents to wrap and a few more meals to plan for and prepare. A few more trips in the car.

Do you decorate your bedroom for the holidays?  Do you create a retreat of calm and serenity?

I try. 20151223_132135-1_resized_1

I am not talking a full blown Ralph Lauren, over the top display.

Maybe just a small slender tree with just some white twinkle lights.

Some years, I add fresh greens in galvanized buckets once a week.  Nothing more Christmas like than the aroma of fresh cut greens.

I try and add a simple holiday touch each year.

I do my very best to keep all clutter, wrapping paper, tags, gifts in bags out of the master bedroom.

You KNOW the guest room turns into Mrs. Claus workshop and there aint nothin’ calm about that!

May I gently suggest, you “borrow” a sprig of holly or a left over set of white lights and go right now into your bedroom.  Set the timer for 15 minutes if you have to.  Do a quick dusting, vacuum and make the bed.  Add a bucket of fresh greens, a bouquet a nice table topper or even a lovely holiday quilt you may have tucked away.

You, your spirit, your soul deserve a little oasis of peace.

Create a place where you can take off your shoes and steal away for a few minutes to breathe and center yourself.  If just while your potatoes bake for dinner.

all is calm











2 thoughts on “all is calm

  1. Love this scene! I have little strands of lights all over my house. I almost can’t get enough of them. We are still having unseasonably warm weather but I’ve got my snowman decor out too. Oh well! I love Christmas!
    xo Joanne

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