brushing up against Grace

Hello 2016! 20151229_123210.jpg

The moment we smooched, we were covered in and surrounded by scraps of paper.  We were knee deep into reading aloud all the slips of paper from the year before.  So many moments to celebrate…………our planned glorious finish, the VERY moment the clock struck midnight, spilled into the new year.

Oh sure, we spent the evening eating luscious snacks and doing our yearly jigsaw puzzle……….certainly “feel good” choices.

This was our first year of the BIG JAR. 20151231_075654-1 Oh sure, in years past we had a jar, we tried to be consistent in slipping pieces of paper, daily, in the first couple months of the year, then slowly forget or just write down the STELLAR moments to be remembered.

This past year was gleefully different.  Once the slips of paper were unceremoniously dumped on the sofa………we began reading.  Taking turns back and forth. Like a beautiful dance to beautiful music.20151231_234921

Written on the jar was the word “grateful”.  The idea being, to write down one or two things a day we were grateful for.  easy.  Somehow, it morphed over the year.  HAPPY and Grateful and glorious and just plain ol’ goodness.

Come to find out, these DON’T need to be rock star moments.

The slips of paper were all over the map and back again.

Phone call that lasted 299 minutes, grand 3 crawled, birds at the feeder, new magazine, foot rub, trip to Mexico, hot cocoa, major car wreck avoided, great beans & rice from Taco truck, snow, won $5.00 on a scratch ticket, new socks, new bio mat, phone call from son, first email from grand one, shark pencil pouches, sunshine, great recipe, good hair day, saw an eagle, saw a deer, cell phone, dryer, grand 3 walked, trip to see grand 3, trip to see grands 1 & 2…………….and so it went.

Scraps of paper (tear off a piece of envelope, a sticky note, a scrap from a magazine, lined paper, colored paper whatever you can snag at the time), each written with words of pure goodness.  HUGE and extremely small events & moments, each worthy of a scrap of paper.  Each very worthy of reliving again.

You read that correctly.  We got to experience the HAPPY all over again.  When it happened, smiling when we got around to jotting it down, then AGAIN when we relived each moment that night.

Paper filled with the PERFECT moments of the year.  You get this warm, fizzy feeling all over.  It makes you thrilled that you actually offered this up to yourself.  You marked the moment in time.  Such a remarkable thing to do for yourself.

“What you seek is seeking you.” Rumi

We made the choice to pay attention to the instances of good fortune that happen.  We looked for goodness, hope, happy.

We made the conscious choice to shine a humungous used car sales spotlight on the very teeny tiny good things.

Elizabeth Gilbert put it perfectly:

“Creating a body of evidence that you are on all days

brushing up against Grace.”

Happy and Healthy New Year to each & everyone of us.  May we SEEK to brush up against Grace every day of the new year.  20160101_085221-1_resized



























4 thoughts on “brushing up against Grace

  1. What a fabulous idea. I so need to do this. I’ve tried to start a journal again but I fall into bed each night, forgetting I want to do it. Thank you for the inspiration! xo Joanne

    1. I journal until about January 17. Then I fad quickly. This year, I am using a daily day planner to keep track of dinners I make and library books I read. Much less daunting of a task, I will let you know how I do.
      The jar is super easy, NO pressure, just a word here or there, sometimes a sentence.
      I gotta tell you, one of the papers I read said, “Joanne called today” 🙂 Made me smile all over again.
      It really is a lovely gift you give yourself. I would highly recommend. Start with a mason jar you already have, you will outgrow it so quickly. That in itself will make you smile ear to ear! Let me know when you have to go to the store and buy a bigger jar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Hugs for the New Year!

      1. Today I went and bought myself a jar with a lid. It was called a “Penny Jar” (though I’m not sure why- Penny Candy maybe?). I’ll text you a picture of it. I have slips of paper and a pen next to it and I’ve already written a couple of gratitudes. Thank you so much for inspiring me! xoxo

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