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At some point over the horizon, a team of archaeologists with jaunty pith helmets will uncover a stack of journals that I have started and not finished.

Each will be filled in beautifully until around January 17th of that particular year.  Some written in lovely cursive, some doodles and others with glorious colorful gel pens. Each with heartfelt and meaningful words decorating several pages at the beginning of the book.

By book, I mean, hard back, soft cover, spiral notebooks, a box of scented paper, a small blank book, a fabric covered one, a faux leather cover… name it, I have vowed over each of them to write or record whatever it was that I thought poignant that particular year.

I am taking out a big, black, stinky marker.  I am drawing a really thick line, back and forth 3 times, really saturated the paper and meaningful.

New year, new idea.  Fresh start.

Last year, my resolution was extremely expensive.  I vowed (and was successful, YIPPEE) at framing a piece of counted cross stitch each month of the year.  That was a pricey date, but I feel so satisfied with the accomplishment.

This year, I am going for something of less money and more of a daily practice.

One of my resolutions (jury is still out on weather we keep them longer if we tell the world or keep them to ourselves) …. I am in the camp of shouting it from the roof tops………..  two of my resolutions are to write down all the dinners I make and books that I read.

Another resolution is to learn, research, make, eat more cultured and fermented foods.  I have a sneaky suspicion that they are the pathway to great health.  Another blog post for another day.

Okay, my new idea is working! Today is day 26 for me writing dinner and books down.  I decided to start earlier than January 1 to “practice”.  The moment I found the sassy, colorful, inspiring daily planner was the day I jumped in.

I really enjoy planning, preparing, making, serving dinner. I understand not everyone is into the process like I am.   It is something that I take seriously and I value the contribution that I make to this family.  I want to remind myself how many meals I prepare, look back through the days for inspiration when the ideas just don’t come to me, cheer myself on when I need to see one of those gold stars and have a good belly laugh when things didn’t go as planned.  I want to gently remind myself what an important job I have and how well I am doing it.  Hey, we all need a pat on the back now and then.  This is also part of the new me.  Instead of beating myself up all the time, I am learning to be kinder and celebrate my good.

Also in the last month, I started sharing dinner ideas and recipes with two other smarty pants girls who love the idea of creating and sharing a meal.  We share via email.  Sometimes pictures, sometimes recipes always encouragement and ideas.  We only talk food during those emails.  It is rather lovely and uplifting.

We cook to please not just to provide.  Fuschia Dunlop

Back to my resolution:  So far the idea of using a daily planner is working!  6 blank lines to jot down the menu and where I found a new recipe or blog site.  Not much room to drone on and on.  I love the color of the cover, so I don’t mind it being set here or there or left on my desk.

On the last line, is where I have been writing down the books I have completed and the author’s name.  I have a dickens of a time keeping track of the books I read.  For some reason, I want to see and keep tabs on the number of books I read in a year.  So far, I have written down 4 books and authors.

Easy.  Day 26 and it is working.  Quick, no pressure, cute book, short lines to write in.

Success for 26 days!  That is way beyond my old record of keeping a stuffy old journal.  This is making me happy.  A couple of the days I have even stuck a fancy star sticker next to it.  Extra smile.

Any future Archaeological digs in and around my dwelling will only dig up half completed craft projects, a few unfinished cross stitch pieces, single socks with no mate and albums of photographs each book with people smiling behind frosted cakes with candles burning on them (how weird will that be?)

Here’s to actually using that cute daily planner you have in the deep dark corners of your purse.

Today is day 6 of the new year.  How are your resolutions coming along?  Please share, we can encourage one another.







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