65 is perfect

I met a short person last night.

The conversation began just like any other.

me:  My name is Miss Daleen.   What is your name?  How do you do?

short person:  My name is “short person”.  I am fine.

me: Wow, you are a very fast runner.  How many miles per hour do you think you run?

short person: About 27 miles an hour.

me:  Do you play the harmonica?

short person:  no.  I think I will learn how. My teacher is 65.  I will ask her.

me: How old are you?

short person:  seven.  How old are you?

me: 53

short person:  That is the perfect age for you!

me: thank you

short person:  My teacher plays the guitar for us each morning. We sing songs.  “It is great to be a first grader” is my favorite.

short person:  My teacher says we are the perfect age to be in first grade. She says, every age, no matter if you are 7 or 65 is perfect for each person.

me: Your teacher seems extremely smart.

short person:  yes and she is nice.


May all teachers be as smart, nice and wise as the one I learned about last night.






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