toasted walnuts and coffee

I am in the middle of eating my daily medicine.  I had this wack a doodle idea of sprinkling chopped up toasted walnuts (left over from last night) on top. toasting-walnuts My thinking was it would be a lovely garnish.  It would bring great flavor to an otherwise yucky dish.

News flash, it still tasted like crap.  I still ate it.

Some times people send me funny videos or funny stories and I save those to read while I shovel it in.  It makes the time go by faster and I sort of (not really) forget I am eating medicine.

It is not dramatic in a movie star sort of way.  It sucks.  You just get over it and do it.  Yeah, no pretty people stopping by to hold your nose for you while you get through it.  Almost 3 years later and I am not really getting better at it. I take that back, I am an expert now at complaining about it and griping about eating the stuff.  I am almost 3 years of healing, so I am going to surmise that the complaining and griping and “swear word” is working.  ha

Day after day the dog leans up again my leg and it makes me feel like she is in this with me.  one time, I tried to get her to lick my bowl clean.  The thinking here was, I wouldn’t have to eat as much.  ha, she shook her head no and look at me with pathetic eyes.  As if to say, come on, really? nice try. (in that serious, dog voice)

A couple times a week, I jump over to the Bloggess and read what’s up with her.   I don’t  know Jenny personally (see how I slipped in her first name,  already call each other by our given names), yet for some reason, I want to think of her as someone I meet for coffee.  Okay, I don’t really want to get dressed up and wear the right boots and jewelry just for coffee.  So what I really want is to be able to text her and drink coffee in my own home, wearing yoga pants.

Cup of coffee

It has recently come to my attention that not everyone has heard of the bloggess. What?  My brow is all wrinkled up and the eleven (two lines forming the number 11) wrinkles are between my eyes.  Never hear of her?  Why?


Her blog and random thoughts will make your day better, I promise.

May I gently nudge you over to her site.  You will fall madly in love with her and her spirit or you will think I am nuts and never speak of it again.   Both are fine, your life will be so much more “knees dirty good” if you love her like I do.

I don’t know if she would take this as a compliment or not, I don’t feel so weird and different once I read her musings.  She would probably call me out on using the word musings.  Who am I kidding?  I wouldn’t use that word in real life anyway.

In my make believe friendship,  she wouldn’t judge me.  She wouldn’t think it was weird that as I type, I am cooking 3 pounds of bacon.  Yes, we are vegetarians.  I have owned a gourmet dog treat business for 10 years and someone has to cook the bacon that goes into the Belly Rub Bacon biscuits.

I sort of feel like she would get it that I use 7/8 of our wine rack that is suppose to hold 48 bottles of wine, as a holder for dog towels (clean).  Currently their are 9 dog towels folded in the wine rack and 4 bottles of wine & 6 bottles of sparkling water.

She would totally “get it” that I  am celebrating 2 days of “good hair days”.

I like that the Bloggess swears.  I was just swearing at this computer.  Or the keyboard.  Why the heck can’t it keep up with my typing?  I am not some super human typist.  I feel like I am normal.  It just can’t go as fast for some reason.  Of course, I can’t find it in me to slow down.  I just like swearing and screaming at the keyboard.

Some of you know, I am in the middle of co-writing a book.  I outlined a chapter this morning, “please pass the salt” and then I doodled and went and got my gel pens and drew some squiggle lines.  I then “needed” to vacuum.  I felt pulled to fold a load of laundry and of course start the above mentioned bacon.  Okay, I guess I don’t really want to write that chapter after all.

I really needed to empty out my brain and make room for some new interesting crap. Thus I started writing all these fascinating things down in my noggin.

You know how you feel after you drop off a huge donation to Goodwill?  All full of yourself and proud?  Wait, maybe that is just me.  I always feel like, look how great I am donating nice, clean, pressed items that I no longer have a use for.  (reality is more like, geesh, how did I collect so much crap?)

Then I feel cleansed and totally justified in going to the quilt shop and buying more random beautiful fabric that I have no idea how I will use yet.

If I empty out my brain of useless stuff:  bacon cooking, dog towels, folding laundry, how mad I am at this stupid computer, putting out more peanuts so I can watch the Stellar Jays grab a snack, talking about liking to secretly swear…………then I think I will have all this extra dancin’ room in my head.

With all that extra space, I will come up with a glorious chapter and the New York Times best selling list people will  highlight those beautifully put together words and the caption will read………….”if you only read one chapter this year, let it be this….”

I just got up and wrote down, with a green gel pen,  a note for my Happy/grateful jar.  This morning put on tall outdoor work boots,  without holding onto something for balance. Then I drew a smiley face with cute glasses.

Onward, my elephant loving friends, onward!