a spoonful of goodness

This is the year that I toss aside kitchen gadgets, utensils & do-dads that I do not like.

Toss aside is a gentle, more refined way of saying throw in the trash.  Buh-bye!

Ever grab a spatula and grumble?  Ever choose a pancake turner that was never quite big enough? Every take hold of a plastic utensil that is slightly melted on the end? Wait, here’s something to ponder; you use a plastic spatula, you accidently melt the end, you love the color, shape, purpose etc, so you take scissors and trim the end  to continue using?  Okay, maybe that one was just me.

2016 new year, new  approach………each time I pick up any utensil and grumble, I instantly turn and toss it into the garbage can. The time has come to only keep those utensils that make me giddy.

It is very liberating.  Now, I don’t know about flag waving, start a rumble kind of liberating, it’s just time.

You know it is.  I know it is.

I adore swoon over wooden spoons.  I have one or two that are my favorite at the time.  I love wooden spoons.  The more seasoned, loved, cruddy looking the better.  I like the worn feel, the smoothness of the wood.  Very rarely do I toss a wooden spoon. Once in a while, one breaks my heart by , well breaking.   I make some type of weird-oh connection with wooden spoons.20160119_113614-1.jpg

Oh sure, I remember a childhood where my mother would YANK open the utensil drawer and slam a wooden spoon on the counter and speak harshly and state,” you are going to force me to use this one day.”  I can only remember her once maybe twice actually using said spoon.

A quilter I met in Germany said she remembered growing up and her mother had a wooden spoon in the glove box of their station wagon.  If her or her 6 siblings started to get out of hand , her mom would hold up the spoon and they would settle down.  She doesn’t ever remember her mother actually using the wooden spoon.

Our teenagers used to use them as drum sticks on the kitchen counters.  One year, I actually found wooden spoons with drum stick handles.  The perfect gift to the guys.

Wooden spoons are powerful utensils.

Every once in a while one has to buy new wooden spoons. I seem to be in the cycle of new and improved and not cruddy, well seasoned.

This is where having a Mr. Right comes in mighty handy.  I take the four or five spoons that come in a package and mark the handles with a pencil.

“Magically” he takes them out to his tool bench and chops them off and sands down the rough edges.  Just right.   I don’t know a soul that enjoys using a 2 1/2 foot long wooden spoon?  Question, who among us (besides Army cooks) uses a stock pot that tall on a daily bases?

I have been known to “accidently” leave a new spoon in a pot of sauce while it simmers away.  I am trying to age them faster, allowing more magic, more flavor to impart on the next creation.

By simply tossing the old unused things that I no longer use, need, want I make more room for the things that I love.  Like wooden spoons.

Wait, that seems like a great metaphor for life!

Look at me, growing up and making good choices!

Would you please hand me that wooden spoon?  Thank you.



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