I spy

I have been plotting, planning, cutting, sewing, stuffing, typing.  Or in other words, I have been making Valentine gifts for 3 of my favorite people on earth.

Our grands!

This gift is for the parents as well.  I always try and think, will this help or make the parents want to pull their hair out.  I am thinking I hit the jackpot on this idea!

Maybe when in a restaurant and you have placed your order and the fidgeting and whining start (not that our grands would do that, I am just saying maybe you know some child who may do that)……….this little gift might be helpful?

When the parents are driving and the little people in the back seat just can’t stand it one more second, maybe this would be the perfect thing to gently suggest?

Nap time just needs to be quiet time, this might be the perfect solution?

Our grands are ages 5, almost 4 and 1.

It has not been our practice to give our grands candy, so I am on a continual search for things that are creative, fun, happy, thoughtful, educational and won’t cause a headache for their parents.

I had to come up with something that would suit all three ages.  Oh, and maybe the 30 something “kids” will like it, too?

The “I spy” bag itself is small enough to put into a purse or backpack.  I sewed a small bag (about 9X5″) with a “window”.  For the window, I used plastic vinyl I found at the fabric store.  I used cotton fabric for the rest of the bag.   I then filled the bags with three cups of uncooked rice.   Then I added all sorts of things.

top hat, penny, sword, plastic Army guy, beads, buttons, key, chicken, fox, lego, plastic fly, googly eye, gems, coffee bean, marble  and on the list goes.20160111_161218-1

Then I added a polka dot ribbon loop and sewed the bag closed.

Next I made cards.    I wrote a list  of things to “spy”.  For the younger grands, pictures to find.  The older ones have a picture and a word on the card.  Then for the oldest a card with a clue.  “find something that is round”.  “Look for something that is yellow”.

Busy grands equal happy parents.

Happy parents equal parents who take more pictures.

More pictures equal happy grandparents.

Grandparents love pictures of grands.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just doing my part to spread the love.







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  1. Kathie

    I spy a “grand” time to be had by all. As long as the 30 something’s remember to share!!
    Very clever way for the “grandparents” to get more pictures of their precious (so I have heard) “grands”.

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