more than enough

All but one year of my life since I have known about them, I have made and sent Valentine’s cards.

I love to make them. I love glue & glitter, paper & stamps.Valentine ruler

This year I just got overwhelmed with .. what?  I guess life.

I am trying my hardest to just be so happy for the Valentine cards I have received.  I want to soak in the goodness and kindness and thoughtfulness of each.  I don’t want guilt to creep in and ruin the mood.  woven-heart

I love receiving Valentines.  I love the envelopes.  Sometimes red or pink in color, all have a heart or and XOXOX drawn on them somewhere.

Some  cards are from grands, some from girlfriends, some from Mr. Right (yep, I have already gotten 3 this week), others from family…………. more than enough love to bathe us all in grace and goodness.

All are charming.  IMG_1681 (1)


There is more than enough love to go around.

Let’s all celebrate the goodness of LOVE.