Friday night supper

There is nothing quite like a late supper and a movie.

Friday night, you are drawing the work week to a close.  Hunger for food and comfort is strong, so strong the cooking aromas are somehow intensified.

First, the garlic is simmering in butter, lots and lots of garlic.  The scent is swirling around your very being.  As the flour is added, the transformation begins.  Watching carefully as the roux begins to offer an ever so slight hint of toasty goodness.  The spices are added and they release their magic.  Whisking in the milk with a flick of the wrist.  It almost becomes hypnotic.   A beautiful garlic white sauce has emerged ready to begin a pizza.

The dough is stretched and pulled and coaxed into a circle.

I heat the well seasoned pizza stone hot as the devil,  500* hot to be exact.   The moment before you put the dough on the stone, you toss some cornmeal.  I can smell the warm corn aroma the very moment it hits the heat.

The process has begun.  The dough, the garlic sauce, the licking of a finger.  The cheeses and then the lovely ripe tomatoes.  Roasted garlic cloves are arranged here and there.

The oven door opens, in goes the pie.

A few moments later, the fresh Basil is torn and waiting.  The dishes are lined up.  The glasses are filled.

The movie has been chosen.  This evening the movie choice is “Burnt”.  After watching I will say, a 4 star recommendation is in order.  Intense and well paced.  Interesting and paired well with our supper.

The buzzer rings.  The pizza stone is removed.  The pizza is bubbling and the aroma fills the kitchen.  Your mouth begins to water.  There are a few places where the cheese has browned to perfection.  pizza

Fresh basil is scattered across the bubbling pizza.   The green begins to darken.  The oils from the plant leaves are released.  Your very soul is filled with the rich, spice scent.

The pizza is cut.  The piece is pulled high.  The cheese leaves strings of goodness as you place it upon the plates.

You carry your plate to the sofa.  The movie is in and ready.

Grace is said and you breathe out a huge amount of air.   Ready to begin.

A really lovely meal is set before you.

You lean into the plate and bite into the tiny point of the triangle.  First to hit your senses is the hot yeasty flavor of the dough with a crust, crisp to perfection.  Next, a tang of the white sauce hits your tongue .  The spices and and cheeses are mingling.  You get just a hint of the saltiness hidden.  The basil envelopes your mouth and finishes the bite with a satisfaction of fresh picked.

May all our Friday night late suppers be as satisfying and comforting as pizza and a movie.










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