kindness matters

Today, a friend sent me an email. It was short and sweet (like her, ha).

“I am hoping you like this. (I love it) Let me know your thoughts.”
Wow, good golly!  I learned a HUGE lesson in a mere 14 words. Doesn’t seem like much does it? To me it smacked me right in the forehead.  A huge, glorious, sparkly chandelier lit up and awakened my being. Yes, very illuminating.
She was sharing a personal accomplishment and wanted to honor me with sharing.  She was letting me in on a secret of hers. As well as asking for my opinion.  A prized privilege of friendship.
However, before she opened the flood gates and allowed me or anyone else to rain on her parade, she lets me the reader know (I love it).
A very wise woman indeed.  Before you allow anyone to pop your balloon or turn off the wind machine for your kite….she lets people know she loves it. Beginning the conversation by setting the record straight.
About seven years ago, we saved & researched until I just didn’t want to read one more word about cars. We purchased a brand new car.  Perfect for us.  With my leg issues, I could easily get in and out.  It was safe and large enough for our needs.  Good gas mileage and all the extras we wanted.   We were so happy and proud.  We made a wise choice.
The very first time an acquaintance saw our new car…. the sappy words were uttered “oh, how cute, you bought a………”
Now, I know better.  I learned today.  When we purchase a new car (or anything for that matter), I am announcing to the universe, we bought a new car and WE LOVE IT.  (I will be putting the vibe out there……please don’t rain on our parade.)
Why?  Because it hurts feelings.  It is rude.  It is shameful.
Instead of being genuinely happy and uplifting for your friend… is judgement.
Yuck, no one wants or needs that. kindness matters
The good news, I REALLY LOVED the picture she showed me.  Not one word of fibbing occurred.
Oh yes, for a friend, I would tell a fib.  Yep, call it what you want.  In no way would I hurt my friend’s feelings.  Honesty was easy this time around, because I fell head over heels in love.
Loving that I learned a lesson today.   Admiration for her that she had the strength and courage to share …under her terms.
Yes, Virginia you can still learn something new everyday.
Sharing is wonderful.  I like letting the person know right away……………..we are happy, we love it, it is perfect for us…………please talk about us or our purchase behind our backs when we are not there to hear it.
Please, Please don’t make me sorry that I chose to share with you.

2 thoughts on “kindness matters

  1. You hit the nail on the head my friend! It is always good to be happy for our friend’s choices in life. Doesn’t matter what we think of them; it’s all about them. If they love it, that’s what’s important.
    PS. I’m so glad you liked it!!

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