here comes the sun

sun 2One of the protocols I follow, strongly suggests along with the nutrition portion comes a very strong recommendation for sunlight.

I live in the Pacific Northwest.  An abundance of sunshine is not always available. However, as its rather stunning rays slip from behind the clouds,  I gather my supplies and head outside.  Through the modern miracle of technology, I am typing outdoors under our pergola.

The wisteria is twisted around two of the posts. The sun is shining through and throwing slats of glorious brightness all around.  I have bare feet and I am drinking green juice.  It is in a mason jar and the sunshine is casting it’s goodness through the liquid and making it a rather vibrant glow of green.

My dog has ingeniously figured out how to lay mostly in the shade, with a sun spot of warmth on her belly.  I just said her name aloud and she swished her tail every so slightly.

One of the joys of a new home is finding the sweet spots of sunshine.  I stand at my new kitchen window and the sun is covering me with warmth.  In the morning, I walk around with my hot, bold coffee in my familiar cup and I look for a place to curl up and study.  I am daily hanging art pieces and watching them throughout the day to see where the sun and shadows play upon them. sun 1

To tell you the truth, one the beautiful parts of the sun is that it is easy.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Healing is hard.  Some days it is all encompassing and I am thrilled to lay my head on the pillow and tuck the day behind me.  I say the sun is easy.  How so?

You know, like a friend with a sunny disposition.  Easy to be around, makes you feel happy you spent time in their circle….. easy to love and be loved.

Sunshine on the other hand is there for the taking.  Yes, you can most certainly tend to your chickens, play in the dirt, trim 2 Camilla bushes or you can simply be.  Just by sitting in your chair, lifting your smiling face, closing your eyes and bathing in the warmth and glory of the sun, you can soak up the delicious healing power that is there for the taking.

May you find a sweet spot of sunshine to bask in today.

In this together, here’s to health and wellness.



instant green thumb

As many of you know, I do not describe myself as having a beautiful green thumb.

Yesterday, I was out taking pictures of what appears to be a lush, stunning, healthy Lilac bush.  Just under my kitchen window, where if I should open the window, once blooming a fragrant scent will tickle my nose.  I took several pictures, many angles.  Then I went to my favorite place, the land of Google.  I was trying to figure out if it was indeed a Lilac.   It is looking very much like a Lilac bush of pure beauty. 20160328_191529

One of the lovely things I am grateful about moving into this new home, is the garden.  My garden, now.  The last care taker, Amy, she had a passionate green thumb.  She shared (by leaving behind) a plethora of special plants.  By the arrangement and care, oh, you can tell she loved to garden.

I have my fingers crossed, in new garden gloves, that some of her gardening passion and knowledge will somehow magically find its way into my soul.

5 amazing raised garden beds.  Fragrant herbs already thriving.  I used some of the chives Easter morning.   The Rosemary is strong and vibrant.  It added what I needed to some  Garlic potatoes.  20160328_191536

It is my goal to tend and encourage those plants she shared.  The tulips are just about to burst open.  I will pick them and bring them indoors.  I will enjoy every splash of color.  I will be grateful for her foresight to plant tulip bulbs last fall.

Sometimes the phrase I use “in this together” is never more obvious. 20160328_191555

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. Marcus Tullius Cicero









let there be light

I am the very first person to scream her gratitude at what a well kept home we have moved into.  The folks who were the care takers prior to us, loved their home.  You can tell.  Every little need and fix it job are up to date, well done and a million upgrades were made.

For every home we have moved into in the past, where we had to clean or fix up or upgrade just to move in………….this beauty makes up for all of those combined.

So, what I am about to tell you may sound loopy, silly, strange, goofy.  We needed to make some changes to make it our own.

Out with the old: So far:  doorbell, back porch lighting fixture, two outdoor garage lights, switch plate covers, drain stoppers, the house numbers & the master bedroom light.

I am trying to remember to take lots of not so fantastic “before” pictures.  That way the “after” pictures will glow!  (She typed smiling)

The master bedroom light.  Ah, yes, one day while eating lunch, I was searching for a new fixture.  She sort of found me!  I fell in love.  I talked it over with Mr. Right.  In as nice a way as he could articulate he said, “I really don’t have a preference”.

I clicked the “BUY” button.

A few days later…the box arrived.  Heavy.  I opened.  It was in a GAZILLION parts. The directions were short and sweet and printed rather small.  How hard could this be?

Mr. Right wired it to an over the door clothes hanger so I could work on my puzzle beautiful light fixture.

I put all 12 branches on.  2.5 hours later and a very sore thumb (first world problem for sure), all the crystal drops were wired onto the many branches of the light.

Maybe instead of droning on, I will close with oodles of pictures?  Before and After.

Oh, and at the very last moment in time, a HUGE thank you to our new electrician, Erik.  Gosh, that man is smart, nice, quick and honest. We are thrilled to have him in our life.  We started an EE envelope. (Erik the Electrician).  He will be featured in many more blogs to come, of that I am quite sure.

The new fixture was purchased on   Also, it is on a dimmer switch and very beautifully throws the most lovely shadows on the walls and ceiling.

Before I let you go, I have this goofy need to mention that while the color of the bedroom wall may be beautiful to some, the workmanship excellent, I am changing it to a color more suited to our taste.

let there be light!










oh the possibilities

We have woken up in our new home 15 times!  That means for fifteen days we have dug into the possibility box.

I wonder if Emily Dickinson moved a lot?  Her poem “I dwell in Possibility” comes to mind.

It began as just an empty sandal box.  I grabbed it the week or so prior to the big move.  We started to fill the shoe box with: nails, screws and found small objects like springs and “doo-hickies”.  So we could put our hands on them in a flash, we kept the sharpie and the tape there as well.20160321_094331

Then the move happened.  Along with 2,000 other boxes, “the” box was promptly plopped on the kitchen counter.  It started to be the home base for the plyers, screwdrivers, wooden pegs, a 3 prong outlet thingie, museum wax, nails, molly screws, a mini flash light and on the list goes.

Just in case you need a Band-Aid….I gently suggest you look in the possibility box first.  I am pretty sure it is in there.  I know this because there were 3 to begin with and now I see only 1 left.

One rule.  Do not move the possibility box.  We know it is on the kitchen counter.  We go to it seeking the answers to most fix it problems.  The conversations sound somewhat like this:

Have you seen the small white hook?

No, but check the possibility box.

Can you go get the Philips screw driver?

You mean the one with the star fish as the point?

Just put it in the possibility box, then we will know where it is.


I sort of don’t want to let the possibility box go.  It feels wonderful to have a need and you know instantly where to go for the answer.

Moving or not………….May all your problems be easily fixed with a little dig through the possibility box.














hope & grace in a coffee pot

When someone tells you, you got this, it seems to add just a smidgen of confidence to your bucket.  Just being gently reminded, you can do this, oh sure, easy peasy……is a huge help.

The reverse is true, if someone tells you, “you have only 1 year to live”, “It’s going to be okay, you have 3 months to live”, ” you can’t do that”….once hearing,  we tend to believe.  Hope seems hidden behind a thin, just out of reach cloud.

I try very hard to be in the “lifting people up and offering hope” category.  It seems to be less crowded in that group.

It is a very tricky line.  Not always a straight path.  Not always popular.  However, once someone plants the seed, “you can heal” it takes root and off you go.

Words are extremely power filled.  They can bathe us in Grace or cut so deep we never recover.

I am stunned, shocked actually at the number of professionals  as well as the guy next door, that offer no hope.

I am hear to tell you, there is always hope.

You get to decide.  Isn’t that beautiful?  You get to believe or not.

If you hear something, it is completely up to you to choose what you want to take to heart.

As grown ups it is a bit more tricky.  We worry, fret, weigh the odds…. and on it goes.  Little kids, hope is crystal clear.  They just need to be reminded what they can do.


Years ago, the Army decided that Mr. Right would be skipping our family Christmas. Certainly enough fodder for an entire blog post, but not today.

Making sure the day was fun and yet did not drag on, I decided that we would wake up Christmas morning, Santa would have stopped by, open gifts, then get ready for the day.

We were signed up to volunteer at a Homeless Shelter to help serve the main meal.

We walked in and gave the lady dressed in a red sweater our names.  Clipboard in hand, she found us, alphabetically.

I was assigned pie duty.  Put on this apron and here is your knife.  Start cutting and plating.  Seemed easy enough.  I am hear to tell you 25 years later, I still remember thinking, I have never cut and plated so many pieces of pie in my entire life!  So many pies! It seemed never ending.  I took my job seriously.  I convinced myself that mine was the most important job of the day.  Who among us does not enjoy a lovely piece of pie after Christmas dinner?

Come to find out, “the most important job of the day” title went to a tall gentleman that causally gave my son the world. Right smack dab in the middle of serving a meal, he offered hope and encouragement to a 6 year old.

I was thinking they would put the boys to work moving chairs or folding napkins. Something helpful, but not too involved. Safe.

As I continued to cut pies, I looked up through the kitchen window opening, looking for the boys.  After all, along with my apron, I wore my mom hat, checking to see how they were doing.

An older, maybe 75 , black gentleman with more salt then pepper hair,  was standing near me.  He said, “you look worried, everything okay?”  I said, I was just checking on my boys,  making sure they were not in the way, yet being helpful.

My mouth dropped open and I fumbled my knife!  I spotted Gabe.  6 year old Gabriel pouring HOT COFFEE! (Toe headed, skinny as a rail, little Gabe pouring HOT COFFEE!!!!)  The man next to me said, “relax, I told him sure 6 year olds can pour coffee.  Hold the handle and with your other hand make sure the lid doesn’t fall out. I told him what was regular and which was decaffeinated.”)  …side note: who explains what decaffeinated coffee is to a little boy?  answer:   A wise man, who thought the little boy needed to know.

coffee potMy short, painfully shy, 6 year old kid, apron strings tied twice or maybe three times around him, the length just hitting him at the ankle………was pouring hot coffee and asking folks if they would like a warm up!

When we got into the car later that afternoon, I said, gee, I saw you pouring coffee, how was that?  He said, ” I told the man, I was only 6 and I didn’t think 6 year olds poured coffee.  The tall man said, sure they do.  I said, gee, I didn’t know that.  Okay.  So I did.”

Both boys more interested in me fulfilling my earlier promise.  I had promised to drive them to the college so they could practice, on the slight hills with new skateboards.

That day, I learned HUGE lessons.

Yes, we could manage Christmas without Mr. Right.  (It was not my first choice, but we did very well.)

If someone tells you, sure you can do that.  You actually can.  Sometimes, hope comes in coffee pots.

Even after working a 3 hour shift on your feet, pouring coffee, little boys still have energy to go skateboarding.

Please, today,  go out and offer a smidgen of hope to another human being.

In this together, folks.