let there be light

I am the very first person to scream her gratitude at what a well kept home we have moved into.  The folks who were the care takers prior to us, loved their home.  You can tell.  Every little need and fix it job are up to date, well done and a million upgrades were made.

For every home we have moved into in the past, where we had to clean or fix up or upgrade just to move in………….this beauty makes up for all of those combined.

So, what I am about to tell you may sound loopy, silly, strange, goofy.  We needed to make some changes to make it our own.

Out with the old: So far:  doorbell, back porch lighting fixture, two outdoor garage lights, switch plate covers, drain stoppers, the house numbers & the master bedroom light.

I am trying to remember to take lots of not so fantastic “before” pictures.  That way the “after” pictures will glow!  (She typed smiling)

The master bedroom light.  Ah, yes, one day while eating lunch, I was searching for a new fixture.  She sort of found me!  I fell in love.  I talked it over with Mr. Right.  In as nice a way as he could articulate he said, “I really don’t have a preference”.

I clicked the “BUY” button.

A few days later…the box arrived.  Heavy.  I opened.  It was in a GAZILLION parts. The directions were short and sweet and printed rather small.  How hard could this be?

Mr. Right wired it to an over the door clothes hanger so I could work on my puzzle beautiful light fixture.

I put all 12 branches on.  2.5 hours later and a very sore thumb (first world problem for sure), all the crystal drops were wired onto the many branches of the light.

Maybe instead of droning on, I will close with oodles of pictures?  Before and After.

Oh, and at the very last moment in time, a HUGE thank you to our new electrician, Erik.  Gosh, that man is smart, nice, quick and honest. We are thrilled to have him in our life.  We started an EE envelope. (Erik the Electrician).  He will be featured in many more blogs to come, of that I am quite sure.

The new fixture was purchased on Overstock.com   Also, it is on a dimmer switch and very beautifully throws the most lovely shadows on the walls and ceiling.

Before I let you go, I have this goofy need to mention that while the color of the bedroom wall may be beautiful to some, the workmanship excellent, I am changing it to a color more suited to our taste.

let there be light!










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  1. Kathie

    So much beauty dancing about. I love the joy that your new light will bring 🙂 Nice to have your own “in house” electrician, as well. Enjoy!!

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