oh the possibilities

We have woken up in our new home 15 times!  That means for fifteen days we have dug into the possibility box.

I wonder if Emily Dickinson moved a lot?  Her poem “I dwell in Possibility” comes to mind.

It began as just an empty sandal box.  I grabbed it the week or so prior to the big move.  We started to fill the shoe box with: nails, screws and found small objects like springs and “doo-hickies”.  So we could put our hands on them in a flash, we kept the sharpie and the tape there as well.20160321_094331

Then the move happened.  Along with 2,000 other boxes, “the” box was promptly plopped on the kitchen counter.  It started to be the home base for the plyers, screwdrivers, wooden pegs, a 3 prong outlet thingie, museum wax, nails, molly screws, a mini flash light and on the list goes.

Just in case you need a Band-Aid….I gently suggest you look in the possibility box first.  I am pretty sure it is in there.  I know this because there were 3 to begin with and now I see only 1 left.

One rule.  Do not move the possibility box.  We know it is on the kitchen counter.  We go to it seeking the answers to most fix it problems.  The conversations sound somewhat like this:

Have you seen the small white hook?

No, but check the possibility box.

Can you go get the Philips screw driver?

You mean the one with the star fish as the point?

Just put it in the possibility box, then we will know where it is.


I sort of don’t want to let the possibility box go.  It feels wonderful to have a need and you know instantly where to go for the answer.

Moving or not………….May all your problems be easily fixed with a little dig through the possibility box.














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