here comes the sun

sun 2One of the protocols I follow, strongly suggests along with the nutrition portion comes a very strong recommendation for sunlight.

I live in the Pacific Northwest.  An abundance of sunshine is not always available. However, as its rather stunning rays slip from behind the clouds,  I gather my supplies and head outside.  Through the modern miracle of technology, I am typing outdoors under our pergola.

The wisteria is twisted around two of the posts. The sun is shining through and throwing slats of glorious brightness all around.  I have bare feet and I am drinking green juice.  It is in a mason jar and the sunshine is casting it’s goodness through the liquid and making it a rather vibrant glow of green.

My dog has ingeniously figured out how to lay mostly in the shade, with a sun spot of warmth on her belly.  I just said her name aloud and she swished her tail every so slightly.

One of the joys of a new home is finding the sweet spots of sunshine.  I stand at my new kitchen window and the sun is covering me with warmth.  In the morning, I walk around with my hot, bold coffee in my familiar cup and I look for a place to curl up and study.  I am daily hanging art pieces and watching them throughout the day to see where the sun and shadows play upon them. sun 1

To tell you the truth, one the beautiful parts of the sun is that it is easy.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Healing is hard.  Some days it is all encompassing and I am thrilled to lay my head on the pillow and tuck the day behind me.  I say the sun is easy.  How so?

You know, like a friend with a sunny disposition.  Easy to be around, makes you feel happy you spent time in their circle….. easy to love and be loved.

Sunshine on the other hand is there for the taking.  Yes, you can most certainly tend to your chickens, play in the dirt, trim 2 Camilla bushes or you can simply be.  Just by sitting in your chair, lifting your smiling face, closing your eyes and bathing in the warmth and glory of the sun, you can soak up the delicious healing power that is there for the taking.

May you find a sweet spot of sunshine to bask in today.

In this together, here’s to health and wellness.



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