playing life



We just wrapped up one full glorious week with grand number 3 and parents.

While we love every single moment with the grand, after he is tucked in for the night, the board games come out.

The same thing happens when we are with the other grands.  Bedtime happens for short people and then the snacks and cards come out.

We have played board and card games since before we were married.  Mr. Right played all through the cold Quebec winters and even though we have a bit warmer weather in the Pacific Northwest, the tradition as continued.

Our son told us he remembered his cousin, Brett in Quebec teaching them to put vegetable oil on the spinner to make it spin and spin and spin.  haha   Love that the cousins played games growing up.

I gotta tell you, I have the most wonderful memories of playing family games with our children.  Fast forward and now four adult kids have great attitudes and the conversation is sprinkled with jokes and silly comments. No matter the age: talking, snacks, games………feels perfect. Feels like family.

Scrabble, Rummikub, Kismet, Cribbage, Monopoly, Sequence, Phase 10 and Life.  Each night the snacks are set up and the game begins.

Since one daughter in law is a banker in real life, you would think she would want a break? Nope, she raises her hand & volunteers for the job. She is  organized, neat & accurate, perfect for the job.

One person this week seemed to sit in the “lucky” chair and win more than his share.  Great reason to do it all over again next time.  We keep track by writing on the inside of the box.  Date, winner and sometimes crazy comments.

During the last game night, we played Life.  Our game is from the 70’s.  The pieces are all still there.  The church steeple is in perfect condition.  The cards are all accounted for.  The box has a few rounds of strapping tape to repair some worn edges.  life game box

If you have ever played you know you roll the dice and your piece advances to different squares.  You pay taxes, go to school, you have children, get a job, play the stock market, receive a pay check and sometimes or 3 times in one game, you are thrown back to start to begin again.  Yep, just like real life. life board game

Whenever I play and I land on the “have a baby” spot.  I normally grown.  I have never thought of myself as a good mom.  To be honest, I sort of beat myself up about it over and over and over.

I yelled too much.  I was too worried about a clean house.  I was frantic about proper behavior.  I think back and sort of wish I had been a bit more flexible.

This time, when I landed on the space and I rolled my eyes……………our youngest son, said, why?  I said, I didn’t think I was a very good mom.

He said, Dustin and I turned out pretty good.  I think you did great.


I just giggled and went on with the game (which I lost by taking a chance.  Come to find out , I had more moola than anyone!  Drats)

However, I can’t stop thinking of that moment.

One of the things about healing the last 3.5 years, is letting go of bad feelings and moving forward.

In just one, off the cuff comment, a HUGE weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Then, I got to thinking about it.  We are so impressed with the way both boys and wives parent.  Our grandchildren are polite, kind, thoughtful, funny, silly, incredibly smart, creative, happy, curious and amazing.

We raised our boys to seek out wonderful women to be their wives.  Together they are amazing parents.  They each seem to have found a good balance on being “the parent” and being silly & goofy.

Today, I am about 98 pounds lighter.

We did an amazing job raising our boys.  They took all the good from Mr. Right and I and then peppered in some goodness of their own.

Our grands are amazing.  Their parents are amazing.  Their grandparents are amazing.

Life is good.