almost free curtains

Army wives are frugal.  Army wives are creative and clever.  Army wives are amazing people with amazing stregth.  Today, I just want to talk about the millions of homes, windows and curtains….those creative Army wives have dressed.

Here is an example.  While living in Alaska, I made these beautiful, fluffy, gorgeous white balloon shades for our master bedroom.  I put dowels in the bottom hem, so we could lift them up during daylight.  Just so pretty.  It took quite a bit of white fabric to make them fluffy and puffy and full.

Next duty station; Oklahoma.  I dyed those white curtains a peach color and sewed a new hem and used them in the small living room windows.

Next home; still Oklahoma.  I dyed those now peach curtains, blue.  I cut and sewed new edges and hem and made tie backs and used them in the living room.

Mr. Right happen to mention once, by the time I retire and stop moving all our curtains will be dark brown or black.  snort.

Believe it or not, it has been 16 years since he retired.  However, the old Army habits still linger.

Our new library has a beautiful large window that looks out to the street.  While I like the shade that is there now, I wanted curtains to soften the look and add a touch of privacy.

I did buy a new curtain rod and brackets.  ($11.99) We ran out of possibilities of all the other left overs from all the other homes and windows.

In true Army wife fashion, need and inspiration struck at the same time.  I happened across a large piece of fabric.  I had used it once for a sheer tablecloth over-lay for a formal Canadian Thanksgiving meal.  Next, I used it as a swag over some heavy drapes we had in a bedroom.

Yesterday I warmed up the sewing machine and got out my scissors.  I cut and ironed and sewed new hems and a sleeve for the rod.

Within 2 hours the rod and brackets were up. The 3 panels of curtains were made and hemmed.

I believe the “kids” now a days, say that my NEW curtains were up-cycled or re-purposed.

To this former Army wife………….those beauties make me smile.

Thrifty, creative  & third use of material.

…and the dance continues.











4 thoughts on “almost free curtains

    1. Thanks kindly, friend.
      I started sewing when I was 12. My grandma helped me make 7 of the same tops one summer. One had a zipper, one had buttons, one had sleeves, one was sleeveless….
      She made me do over things that were not correct. I learned to read a pattern.
      It was a summer I will never forget. I hope I can pass on the hobby to one of my grands.
      I do love to sew.

      1. That is amazing that your grandma helped you. I had a sewing machine after I took Home EC in middle school but no one in the family really knew how to read a pattern, etc. I did make a few things- loved it. I have a nice sewing machine (well, Michelene does!) so if I ever decide to pick it back up again, it’s there!

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