why moms have gray hair

CampfireIt was 40* and raining.  He started a fire.  He was sitting by the fire trying to warm up.

He went late to the camp site, aiming for  3 or 4 hours sleep.  The plan was to get up early & hike a 30 mile trail..

Once the fire started to heat up, took about 15 minutes, a huge explosion went off and hit him in the left hand.

The Forest Ranger came out, because no fire works are allowed.  The Ranger saw what happened.  As the ranger went back to his truck for first aid, another dangerous large fire work went off near his truck.

This was the third time this had happened this week in California.

Someone or people has been burying 6 or 7 large dangerous fire works in the fire pit of the camp sites.

Our son declined the Forest Ranger’s help and threw everything in his Jeep and went to the hospital.

He has second degree burns on his left hand.  He is right-handed.   He was able to go to work today.  He was able to continue on with daily life.


Sort of getting back to normal.

Sure his hand is healing, he is still driving to work and doing what he get’s paid to do.  He is a graphic designer, so he works with his hands and brain all day long.

However, for a guy who was born shy and not super outgoing, this experience has made him want to stay further away from people.

The mother bear in me wants to teach those thugs a lesson.  I want to lecture them and make them write a paper to say they are sorry.  I want them to “volunteer” to work in the campground for the entire summer.  I want them to work, sweat and think about their behavior.  I want to tell their mother how shameful they behaved.   I will let you use your imagination as to what Papa Bear wants to do.

My faith in humanity has been shaken.  I am still upset and this happened four days ago.  I am still teary eyed.  I am trying, trying hard to figure out the lesson in this.

We are grateful that he wasn’t hurt worse.  We are grateful it wasn’t a planned family camp out. We are grateful that he was able to get medical help quickly.

I recently came across a quote and I have been using it several times.

Believe there is Good in the World.

Seriously, the “world” is testing me!  My boy has been senselessly harmed and scared and the “world” wants me to believe there is good?

I am perplexed.  I am frustrated.  I am mad.

 I am trying to regroup and think the best of people.  I really don’t want to.  I want to stay in my hot tub of angry.  There is not enough carpet in my house to vacuum out the angry.

I can’t let the actions of one stupid person color my world for long. I will not allow someone eles’s  poor behavior to direct my path.

Today, I made bread.  One loaf for us and one for an 80-year-old widower that lives next door.

I am trying to do the right thing.

 I want to make something to give another human to remind myself there is Good.

I want to Be The Good.

ps.  Today, I had my hair dyed.  It’s what mom’s do.













7 thoughts on “why moms have gray hair

  1. Jan

    Wish I could drag out a giant eraser and make it go away. “People” suck. But I do think there are more good than bad ones, it’s just hard sometimes to remember.

  2. John Nesbitt

    What the hell is wrong with some people? The only thing that keeps me sane in this world is a firm belief in karma. What comes around will definitely go around and these idiots will pay in some way.

    I wouldn’t have them volunteer in the camp ground. I’d make them work in a burn ward for a few weeks. They should see the tears, hear the screams, and change the bandages of people who are suffering like the ones they created.

    Sorry, I have little tolerance for those who are not golden-rule people.

    1. First, Thank you for believing there is no such thing as other people’s children.
      We appreciate you being in our circle.

      From your mouth to God’s ear….. the reason I am moving forward today, is thinking karma will sort this out.
      btw, Bruce agrees with your volunteer idea.
      Thanks friend, thanks for reminding me there are wonderful golden-rule people out there.

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