dirty dishes work miracles

“Alice would have snickered derisively at the notion, but she was the first person I ever met who understood the power of cooking.  She was a great cook, but she cooked more for herself than for other people, not because she was hungry but because she was comforted by the rituals of the kitchen.”  Ruth Reichl

I am currently reading Tender at the Bone by Ruth Reichl. tender to the bone

Certainly the opposite of the many murder mysteries I am drawn to.  This  is a marvelous, relaxing, lovely book.  Every single page is a charming explanation of her formative years and the whys and whatnot’s of the kitchen classroom.

Ruth is a lively and brave author.  Her smart play with words keeps you turning the page. She is witty and entertaining.  Humor helped her (and all of us) through rough experiences.  She so cleverly reminds us “food could be a way of making sense of the world”.

Last week, I was so upset about our son’s injury, I HAD to bake.  I ended up baking 6 loaves of bread, muffins, dog cookies, salmon cakes, Twix Bars, guacamole and tortilla soup.


The rituals of the kitchen helped ease me through my anger, frustration and worry.

20160504_153336-1By some type of cosmic magic, our son is healing.  Maybe it was all my good karma, effort and stack of dirty dishes that did the trick?

Dirty dishes may just be the answer to several of life problems.  I know I figure out oodles of things while in my kitchen.

Love to hear what you are reading (and baking).

You are reading right?  Please tell me people are still reading!

In this together, we will chat again soon.




10 thoughts on “dirty dishes work miracles

  1. 6ncounting

    Hi there friend!! Thanks for the great book review. New ideas are the best. And I think I have to agree with you about baking. I think it’s very therapeutic, as long as I don’t eat all that I bake. Haha!! Love your blog. Thanks for shari g it with all of us.

  2. I have a dishwasher but cleaning up after preparing a meal or baking is sort of a meditative time for me. I never mind cleaning up my own messes. There’s just something relaxing about it. xo

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