good wins

Update on son number 2.

Good wins.  Courage wins.  Decency wins. Getting back out there, wins.  Mr. Right and I appreciate all the concern about our son.  It feels like a huge camp circle with really good people sitting around wearing bandanas holding coffee between their hands. Please know all of our collective prayers, good karma and good wishes did the trick.

Here is the original post sharing events of 2 weeks ago.

Last night, he sent us pictures & a brief note:

 finished my adventure I tried to do 2 weeks ago.  no issues this time.  

So there you have it, no fan fare, no huge announcement, no heads up, just him going back to do what he started.  Gabe tent

The hike was 14.52 miles, 26,090 steps, equivalent to climbing 206 floors.

Does a mom’s heart good to know your kid can stand up for himself, go back out there and finish what he started.  wow.

(side note, this mom is still going to worry and fret and sit in a camp circle and pray…. oh and of course continue to have a love affair with hair dye.)

Feels good to know someone with the strength & grace can get back on the horse.

Good wins, quietly.  Good wins.imagejpeg_0

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