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Hi friends,

It has been a little more than 3 years and I am still investigating, researching and trying new and different cosmetics/lotions and potions.

Trying & reviewing some, like deodorant, took forever and a day and cost a bundle to try each.

Mascara.  A biggie to me.    Now, I know some of you don’t wear make up and that is wonderful for you.  Me?  I need it. I love it.   I don’t feel dressed with out some and my mission has been to find quality make up that does not contain chemicals.

I can’t have them.  I am staking my life of not adding more chemicals.  It is estimated that we all put 5 POUNDS of chemicals on our bodies each year!  I had a huge wake up call and I needed to address that one sentence for sure.  Between lotions, shampoo, conditioners, deodorant, make up etc…. it can easily add up to 5 pounds or even more.

I have a mascara review to share.

I have been using a mascara that didn’t work that well, cost $27.00 a tube however, no chemicals, no parabens………so while I have been underwhelmed,  I continued to purchase  & use it.

Luckily for me Kris Carr has been reviewing different lotions and potions.  Here is her mascara Smackdown! Stop by for a look-see.  Extremely helpful and this is where I got the notion to try this particular mascara.   Gosh I love her.  She is a huge, I mean HUGE inspiration and kind person.  She shares so many wonderful uplifting ideas, recipes and notions.  Wonder around her blog for a bit.  You will fall in love with her and her spirit.

Also one of the websites I visit all too often is the EWG

It works like this:  You put in your lotion/potion/make up etc….. then they give you their rating on how healthy/unhealthy it is to put onto our bodies.  easy.

helpful. quick.  accurate.

Okay, now for the mascara!

Physicians Formula wins for me.  Home run!

Can’t wait to put on the war paint for date night, next Saturday night!

(no, they did not pay me to say this.  I paid for it myself as well as many, many more mascaras that didn’t work)

I will include the picture of the mascara so you too, can see what one I am giddy with happiness about.

LESS THAN $10.00


Okay, yeah!  It works.  Honestly, works really well.   I am happy as a 14-year-old school girl trying mascara for the first time.   I purchased it on amazon however, I have seen this brand in several stores.

No black smudges under the eyes, looks beautiful, long & lovely.  No clumps, no flakes. I use coconut oil to remove at nighttime.  Easy, quick and works like a charm.

It is such a pleasure to share when something actually works and it is okay for me to use.

Just thought I would share.  Love to hear what you have found that works well and is okay to use.

In this together, friends.

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4 thoughts on “mascara review

  1. I am not a fan of mascara! I have allergies so itchy eyes are my problem. I will certainly try this mascara, especially for the price. I really miss wearing it! Thank you!

  2. Kthie

    Thank you so much for sharing. I have used Physicians Formula products in the past and liked them. No itchy eyes for me. I am so excited to try their mascara.

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