balancing happy junk

About 19 years ago, I think, I first walked into Archie McAfee’s in Seattle, Washington. The store at thatarchie-mcphee-20110428-112940 time……..made me car sick.  The floor was old, wooden and uneven and wonky and if I spent more than 20 minutes in there, I felt queasy. AND I LOVED it.  Our kids loved it.  Mr. Right loved that store.  It was a family affair.

I am not a fan of shopping, but I gotta say, this store is fascinating, unique, quirky, weird and charming all rolled into one.  Spending time in that store makes me smile.   Every space on the ceiling and walls was covered with something.  Stapled here and there.  Nose shaped pencil sharpeners were stapled around the door jamb.  The window was surrounded by plastic, chattering teeth & bacon flavored toothpaste.

It is a place to find “finger feet”, Tesla socks, exploding pickle candy, boxing nun puppets and underpants gloves.

A few moves later, they got all fancy schmancy and moved to a brand new local.  New store.  New smell.  Clean.  Sigh.  It was my most disappointing trip to Archie’s.  It was neat and tidy.  Seriously, you could see the ceiling.  You walked easily over the brand new (even) waxed floor.  Rubber chickens all stacked neatly in a clean bin.  urgh.  Nothing funny about neat & tidy.

Good news, it has been a few years and the store is starting to junk out again.  Feels right.

20160616_202602-1 (1)This sort of explains my brand new sewing room.  Clean, neat, tidy, labeled bins for everything.  Now, I am not wishing for an uneven floor or finger monsters glued around the doorway.  It is just so orderly and organized.  Sure some organization is needed.

I am still deciding on a new light fixture.  I am 75% sure of my choice. 20160616_202124 Needs to simmer a few more weeks.  Oh, good news I did hang some prayer flags.

That made it feel more like a sewing room.

( For more about my prayer flags, skip back to another post and read about them there.)  I’ll wait, take your time.  No rush.

Yesterday, while under the prayer flags, I sewed a beautiful new bib.20160620_153210-1

A friend is expecting grand number 4!!!!!  As I sewed, I prayed for the new parents, the grandparents and the new sweet little miss that will be having a birthday in August.

bit by bit……..the sewing room will get “junked out” and feel just right once again.

Life is certainly about balance.  Junked out with some rhyme & reason.

Here’s to that favorite comfortable “lived in” room in your home.

In this together, friends.

ps.  now where did I put those twinkle lights?


2 thoughts on “balancing happy junk

  1. 6ncounting

    Thank you!! I remember a few stores like this. Fun stuff. I could be in there for hours. Oh!! And I think we all need TWINKLE LIGHTS!!! Yippee!! Woohoo!!
    Have a great day today creating in that new sewing/crafting room of yours.

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