covered in grace

Along the bank of the Ammonoosuc River, In the Heart of the White Mountains is Littleton, New Hampshire.  Easily described as a graceful New England town.

I am grew up on the west coast & Mr. Right grew up, as we say, “back east”.

When someone asks me what a quintessential New England town looks and feels like, Littleton, New Hampshire comes to my mind first. littleton

One month after 9/11 we visited that town.  The moment we drove into the town, the first sight took my breath away.  The biggest, painted white, glorious town church is smack dab in the middle of the town center.  On it hung the biggest American flag I think I have ever seen.  The brilliant blue sky was the back drop to the most glorious white steeple reaching for the heavens.  It didn’t hurt that it was autumn with a riot of glorious color falling all around.

Somehow the flag covering the church with grace was a sign.  For the first time in a month, I felt like America would be okay.

...America, America, God Shed his Grace on thee

While visiting the town,  we enjoyed the most memorable savory lunch.  I remember the curbs in the town are much taller than what I am used to.  Tall so the snow plows know where the side of the road is.  I went to a town bakery and indulged.  I also happened upon   the most charming gift shop.  Also, home to the Littleton Coin Company.  Littleton is also where my in-laws were married.  Littleton is where my family goes to shop.

While playing tourist we visited an old Grist Mill.  Just as you imagine.  Old plank floors, huge gears, right on the river.  Fascinating, educational and remarkable all rolled into one afternoon. I looked up and could see slivers of light through the wooden roof that covers the building.

I had to buy some milled flour as a souvenir.  They bag the flour in cloth bags, sewn closed and sell different sizes for folks to take home.

I saved the small bag.  I wanted to use it one day.  Maybe slip into a quilt, maybe a wall hanging, I didn’t know?  I just knew it reminds me of where Mr. Right grew up.  I wanted to showcase it somehow.

Yesterday was the day.  Albeit 15 years later, apparently the time was right.

I made a cover for our juicer.

20160623_205245-1Because, Mr. Right makes fresh juice for us daily, the heavy-duty juicer stays out on the counter.

The juicer desperately needed a new cover. Our juicer is a work 20160623_144953-1horse, plain and simple. Nothing fancy to look at however, every bit of juice it produces covers us in grace & goodness.  Nutritionally dense health and wellness is made from our juicer.

I took apart the old cover I had made and used it as a pattern.  I took apart my flour bag and used a new kitchen towel for extra fabric.  I measured, cut, pinned and came up with a new juicer cover.

I love using that souvenir, the flour and fabric it came in. Swirling together parts of both of our lives in our new home feelss right.

The flour sack has been covering the juicer for about two hours.  Happy doesn’t begin to explain how I feel.  I know Mr. Right will smile when he sees it.

I am constantly Amazed by Grace I find around me.



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  1. Carmen Cancio

    Making that new house, your home…you are doing it so very well. I love that even your juicer cover is about making a place of love, comfort, and wonderful memories. You are indeed creating a beautiful retreat.

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