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Don’t ya just love a good before and after?

It is my all time favorite thing.  I love seeing those articles in magazines.  I am drawn to every little detail.  Pinterest…………ah so many before and afters………so little time, money, energy etc.. I collect and pin so many ideas on Pinterest, so when I/we actually complete one of them I want to show n tell.

Here’s the one drawback.  I am always so anxious to get on with the project that more often than not I forget to take the sad, ugly, boring, neutral “Before” shot.  The more rough-looking, dull, bland the better the “After” pictures will be.

Not this time.20160701_140340

I remembered to take a clear, in focus “Before” picture. No pizzazz, no make up, sad face, dull.

Before I get to the beautiful, snazzy “after” pictures here are the details:

I ordered the faux windows form  .  Then I purchased the hinges and handles from Home Depot.   Next stop, we purchased  Sherwin Williams black exterior paint to paint the attic vent.  Supplies sat inside our garage for about 6 weeks.  Too hot, too cold, too chicken to give it a try, to worried it wouldn’t turn out well.

We have no idea why we waited.  This was a straightforward project that took about 2 hours with ZERO cussing.  Good gravy, I am so glad we took on this project.

Looking forward to hearing your comments.  We are so dang happy with the final results.



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  1. Kathie Pelley

    Who says that “jewelry” doesn’t come in ALL sizes. I love your adventuresome spirit and sass!!

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