Sunday drive

Sunday afternoons are meant for breathing in fresh air, being in nature and hearing the sound of a 70 foot waterfall.

Just breathing and listening and being grateful.

Victor Falls in all her glory.20160710_122401_resized_1

Mr. Right invited me to take a little Sunday afternoon car ride.   You and I both know that although it felt “spur of the moment”, he’d secretly planned, mapped it out and figured out the perfect way home.

Just so happened….

The road home took us right by our once a year trip to a drive in.  Yes, you sit in your car, you politely ask them through the microphone and they bring you…….Big,  Beautiful, beautiful onion rings.  Hello my beauties!

Here’s to perfect Sunday drives with someone you are crazy about!


onion rings

6 thoughts on “Sunday drive

  1. 6ncounting

    What a fun drive!! Your smile speaks volumes. I love waterfalls and have seen some beauties in Yosemite National Park. And good onion rings, be still my heart. 😊

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