front porch magic

We stained the front porch.

If by “we” you understand that means, I chose the color stain, then yes, “we” stained the front porch.

Mr. Right did all the cleaning, pressure washing, first coat of stain, second coat of stain and finally the 3rd coat of stain.

I helped with the waiting.   The constant, “when will it be dry” chatter?  How many days do you think it will take? Do you think the sunshine will help it dry faster?  Can we walk on it tomorrow?  Does it still smell like fresh stain to you?  Ya Know, helpful chatter!

I took pictures.

Hey, we each have jobs to do.

Considering when we first laid eyes on this house, you couldn’t see the porch for the extremely, healthy, climbing Jasmine plant………we’ve come a long way baby!20160317_174058_resized_1










We got rid of the moving boxes.  Another family got to use all our moving boxes, we called the man, who took them all away, our Box Fairy.  We filled the porch each day with empty boxes & wrapping paper and as if by magic, they vanished. Left for our enjoyment was a lovely bottle of wine with a thank you note tied on. Magic.

The healthy Jasmine along with the shrubs, juniper, over-grown plants and other scraggly trees,20160326_142746_resized all “magically” disappeared.  See in the next picture?  That is magic happening right there folks.  Two men, muscles, a chain, maybe a couple swear words…….you know, magic!

The flag holder went up and……………deep breath……… ceiling got painted, windows washed, new door bell, front door painted, new door knocker, new numbers, new peep-hole, new rocking chairs, new rug and pillows, new lantern light fixture, new plant stand and the deck got brand new Espresso colored stain.

Good news, same faithful dog.  Smiling.

So there you have it, just a little magic (by magic I mean………time, money, elbow grease, & about 17 trips to the hardware store), a sweet magical before and after.


We will chat tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “front porch magic

  1. 6ncounting

    Hi there!! Just wanted to stop by and tell you that I love the transformation. I love how you re-did everything. You took control of that porch and made it your own, all the way down to that great light fixture. Bravo!! A job well done!!

    1. To be honest, 90% of the world would be more than grateful and happy with our home the way it is.
      I am extremely grateful.
      However, since I work from home, heal at home, basically hang out here all the time…I look for ways to tweak everything so it is just right for us. This is a space where most of my life happens, so I want it to reflect what we love and make it a comfortable place that Mr. Right wants to come home to.
      Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by.
      Made my day.

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