Monday makeover

The previous owners  of our home, did us a huge favor and left several small cans of paint, extra tile and base boards for us to use .  Not overwhelming amounts, just enough grout and shingles and things to match, in case we needed a little fix up.

Yesterday, we took one of the quart cans of exterior paint and had it matched and bought a gallon.

Today, I used half the gallon. A super easy, quick Monday “makeover”.

To a rather dreary, dark , unloved spot in our front yard, I painted the gate and small portion of the fence.  Then since the brush was still in my hand, I touched up the railing on the porch and a couple of places that needed a bit of sparkle and light.

1.5 hours (including clean up and picture-taking)  and ta-da!  Before and after .

Tomorrow I will add the second coat.

This gate and fence will be replaced next year.  Until then, nothing wrong with a little make up to hide the flaws.

I sort of swoon over quick and easy before & after(s).  Boy Howdy, I already completed this on a Monday with only one cup of coffee!

I have to wonder, what on earth will I be able to accomplish the rest of the week?

Bring it on!

I kind of have a hankering to make some peach Bar B Que sauce and I want to put a coat of primer white on some doors.  Not at the same time……….could get messy.

Love to hear how your week is shaping up.  In this together, friends.

Chat tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “Monday makeover

  1. What a small thing to do- paint the gate to match your porch- but what a beautiful touch! I absolutely love it. Thank you for the inspiration – I’m thinking of painting my living room here real soon! xoxo

  2. 6ncounting

    The difference a bit of white paint can make. What a transformation!! Your paint job did indeed bring that corner out of the “dark ages”. So much easier to admire that huge hosta. Thanks for sharing your “befores” and “afters”, they give me so many ideas. 😊

    1. Hello, thanks for stopping by and for sharing such a nice compliment.
      On the way to buy the paint, we both agreed…… this is going to be like night and day. We are going to say….why oh why didn’t we do this 4 months ago?
      Yep, we were both pleased and said, why didn’t we do this sooner?
      ps. That huge Hosta plant is being separated into smaller plants this fall. We hope to use some on the side yard pathway, while leaving some for that spot.

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