sweet sunday

Deep cleansing breath ……….Sweet Sunday afternoon bike ride included fall leaves, laughing, 2 alpacas and Mr. Right treated to an iced latte.  It was relaxing and so nice.   Why yes, my bike bell matches my helmet.  Thanks for noticing.

Sunday night supper was grilled vegetables and more.

You know?  You take  zucchini, onion, mushrooms, cauliflower, red pepper, Brussels Sprouts, rough chop &  let them bathe in marinate all afternoon.  To the line up we added a couple of ears of corn, brown rice & some vegan “bratwurst”.  Casual, delicious, late summer easy peasy meal.

Normally, I use a lady like portion of dark mustard…………

Enter “CHANGED MY LIFE MUSTARD”  20160910_141647_resized

Kozlik’s Canadian Mustard

Most companies use sugar, not this one.  They use honey to sweeten it, so I can indulge.  Almost teary eyed as I type.  You probably have no idea, how many mustards are out there in mustard land that contain sugar?  It is dreadfully disappointing.

Made in Canada and they have 36 different flavors of which I am sure one will tickle your taste buds.

Whole Foods was the spot that we discovered this gem. I did look it up and sure enough, amazon.com carries this line as well.

Sweet Smokey Sunday, we  ENTHUSIASTICALLY give this product 4 thumbs up!  We both went back for seconds.

Clean plate club members.

The end.

ps. No, Kozlik’s did not pay me for this review.  However, if they want to send over the 35 other flavors, I promise, on my honor to review and write glowingly about each.

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