post card to you from me

post card from Sanibel Island, Florida.

(Some of the postcards I send say, “the weather is here, wish you were fine”) haha.

Here is your real post card:


Hi friends,

The weather was lovely and daily dancing around the 95* mark.  Oodles of sunshine with an occasional afternoon storm.  Sanibel Island, Florida was a dreamy place to spend 8 days.

Had lots of fun.  Collected a basket full of shells.  Learned the names of the shells, 23 new to me bird species and a plethora of plants and flowers.  Went bike riding.  Did a tiny bit of shopping.  Mostly, just watched the sunrise each day, hunted for shells, walked barefoot and swam.

I miss you.  Fingers crossed you missed me, too.

Love, Daleen


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