slight switch

I recently read about a sweet little girl.  Whenever she saw something, instead of pointing and saying “look”.  From the beginning, her parents taught her to say, “behold” and use her hand instead of pointing with one finger.  Adorable.

When our boys were young, we didn’t care for the word “sucks” so we changed the word to “hoovers” like a Hoover vacuum cleaner.  None the wiser, that is the word they used.  It wasn’t until they were older did they understand just how “creative” their parents were.  ha

I have a friend who didn’t care for her children using the word, “but”. So she replaced it with the word, “however”.  You can imagine, how that played out.  Now, as adults they still use the word “however”.  Adorable, silly, however, got the job done. 20161019_111108-1-2_resized

A year or so ago, visiting Victoria B.C.,  I was in a stitching shop and fell in love with a Sampler pattern. I loved the look, the colors and the shape, however, I did not care to stitch one of the words.20161019_134311-1_resized

While I mean absolutely no disrespect to Carl Von Clausewitz, whom is credited with this partial quote of his, I had to be creative & 20161019_111436-1_resizedchange it.  Otherwise, forever cringe each and every time I saw this piece.

WIP… work in progress, Wednesday report:  Day four of working on this new project, with a stitch here and there on 30 count Irish linen, I am sailing right along and smiling not cringing with each tiny stitch.

Love to hear about a project that you are working on, maybe made a slight change to.  Sort of an internet show n tell.  We can and will build each other up and cheer each other on.

Making time in my day to work on something so fine and calming is good for my soul.  Every stitch is good for my mental health. Somehow, the thread and rhythm of pulling the needle through, the counting…… counter acts the ugly and stress that we all feel and hear.


In this together, here’s to our good mental health.

Chat tomorrow.




6 thoughts on “slight switch

  1. Makes me think of two patterns – one I stitched, the other I would not. Raise the Roof’s Nautical Fence – has buttons on the mermaid that are actual boobies! Stitched it, love it! Raise the Roof’s Garden Fence – has a bag on manure in which “manure” is spelled out. Love the rest of it, but won’t stitch it cuz I don’t want manure on my walls!

    Your change is perfect and the piece is simply personalized for you.

    1. Thank you a million times over!
      Thanks for letting me know I am not a crazy control freak lady.

      I love stitching, however, like you…. “I don’t want manure on my walls!”
      Thanks for the snortgiggle.
      You MADE my day so much happier!!!
      Please stop by again, soon.
      You are always welcome.

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