going back into the closet

In my new home notebook/journal/doodle book…….on one page it reads:  closet 2016  

Taped on the page are two paint chips with the words:  Autumn Orchid and Amazing Gray


Lots of “magic” (another word for paint, stars, matching hangers, matching boxes etc.) has happened since the beginning. However, in my excitement to get going on this project, I forgot to take the unglamorous, sad-faced, dreary, with a couple of pairs of shoes tossed on the floor and a few items of clothing not hung up, clothing not color coordinated on mis-matched hangers, dull,  BEFORE picture.

Maybe you can just use your imagination and think to yourself………. who on earth would feel inspired every single morning by walking into a plain, dull white walls, raw wood shelves with a builder choice lighting  fixture?

This is becoming a very happy place.  Inspiring really.  The color is divine.  The added touches make me so dang happy.

20160712_090118_resized-1I highly recommend adding some goodness to your closet space.  Yes, even if you have a teeny, tiny closet with not an inch to spare.  Just think how tickled you would be to see stars all over that ceiling?

I am fully aware that while this is an EXTREMELY small issue in life and very much a first world “problem”, I am still searching for a flush mount chandelier to use in there.  Yes, I can find several.  It is just that by now you know me and I want something snazzy, useful and yet at a price that is saaaaweet.  I am more than willing to pay a price for a lovely chandelier.  I am just not willing to eat beans& rice for 5 months to pay for it.  The search continues. 20161009_192004-1_resized

So for now, until that perfect Chandelier taps me on the shoulder, I adore the closet and all the secret splashes of pure goodness.  Every single time I walk in there, I am surrounded by a feeling of inspiration and gratitude.

Every single time I come out of the closet……..this is the sign I see.  Sometimes, if I am feeling particularly saucy, I tap my hand up there like those fierce football players do with their inspirational signs, just before they hit the gridiron.



4 thoughts on “going back into the closet

  1. Kathie

    Oh my goodness…I love all the little touches to enhance your closet. More than clothes go into one. Often times our dreams and sorrows follow us in or out. I love, love, love the golden crown. I think one would look marvelous in our American Princess Charlotte’s room. Did you by chance fine that in a quaint little local shop?
    Here’s to your quest for the perfectly sparkly and sassy chandelier 🙂

    1. Thanks oodles for stopping by.
      The crown. I was lucky to find that in a lovely gift shop while on vacation, on Sanibel Island, Florida.
      However, I have several friends who fell in love with it and are looking as we speak.
      When someone finds a place to purchase, I promise to share the secret hiding place.

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