wake up 10


I live in the middle of gratitude, so, each morning, even before my feet touch the ground, I list off 10 things I am mighty grateful for. Some make the list daily, others change on a whim.


Boy Howdy,  I feel lucky & bathed in Grace to start fresh, every single day.


1.  Mr. Right

2.  four kids

3.  three grands20161023_152356_resized

4.  Sweet Liberty

5.  amazing, healthy, healing body

6.  cushy, lush, wonderful, bed

7.  remembering: ironing leaves between wax paperwax-paper-leaves

8.  fluffy, extra-large, soft socks

9.  morning letter waiting for me from Mr. Right

10.  coffee (duh, being honest)




2 thoughts on “wake up 10

    1. When our kids were little, we used to iron between wax paper each year. Then hang in the windows.
      On that note, I let them iron grilled cheese sandwiches once, as well. hahaha

      I ironed some leaves and put into a book. I ironed some leaves and pasted onto a map of New England where Mr. Right is from. I framed it. It still looks lovely. They kept their color.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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