hello backyard beauty

Though no one uses our back door, we do.

The “before” was rough-looking.  Boots, flip-flops, gloves all strewn/tossed/stacked/hidden on the porch.20161104_110833-1_resized  Less than appealing to see each time we came and went.

I venture out a couple of times a day. Always something to do….. pick herbs,  feed and tend the chickens, let the dog out, fill bird feeders, you get the idea.

We have had over 37″ of rain this year in the Pacific Northwest.  Our backyard is soggy. I need dry boots.

I found this small bench.  It’s main purpose is to use near a pool.  It keeps cushions or pool toys dry.  Why wouldn’t it work for rain water as well?  Ordered.

While I waited for the bench to arrive, I decided to paint the back door and make it a bit more inviting for us.  Oh sure, we all fuss and decorate the front door.  I believe they call it curb appeal?20161104_133923-1_resized

Why oh why shouldn’t we do a little fussing over the back door?  A little backyard appeal for us.  The “after” looks so much neater and way more appealing.

ps.  I made the grapevine wreath with our own vines.  Skinny enough to fit between the door and the glass outer door.

Now, instead of grumbling about needing to “do something” for the backdoor, I just smile. Actually, a small amount of effort for a huge payoff.

housekeeping note:   I purchased the bench from Wayfair. It was amazingly easy to put together (I did it myself) and yes, it is completely waterproof. Also, strong enough to use as extra seating or to sit a moment and put your boots on.

Please stop by the backdoor any ol time.

Backdoor friends are best.

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