Story time:

pawWhen Sweet Liberty was a puppy, I trimmed her nails. That was until one time, I cut one nail, too far down and it bled, profusely.  I cried and cried.  She was upset, well because I was crying.

Understandably, I was done.  Part of the money I made from the dog cookie business went to pay for someone else to trim her nails.  done.

Then about a year ago, with age, getting into and out of a car is just getting to be too much, Mr. Right decided, he would buy a very good pair of trimmers and do her nails.

All has gone well.

Until last night.  All nails done, last nail.  Clipped too close.


Lots and lots of blood.  I mean lots.  Well, maybe it was exemplified by the cream-colored carpet and once white paper towels?  Our home looked like the floor of a trauma center.

Okay, as you all know, everyone tells you to use Styptic powder.  We all have a styptic pencil.  It is a mess, it stings and doesn’t really work right away because, well it doesn’t.

Here is what works. Corn Starch.  Yes, from the kitchen cupboard.

With big dogs, fill a small bowl with corn starch and let them stand with their foot in the bowl.  Their weight helps seal the toe nail and it is over before you know it.

Yes, I promise you it works.

Okay, then the guilt sets in .  Extra treats, extra TLC, extra brushing, oh and maybe the parents drive to  buy a roast beef sandwich to bring home to their sweet, adorable puppy.


It was traumatic for the adults.  The dog not so much.  She is fine and has totally forgotten about the event.

All this to tell you plain old corn starch works.

In this together, folks.20161106_144514-1_resized

6 thoughts on “peticure

  1. Robin Sawyer

    Thanks for the tip! I’d have never guessed. I’ve done the same thing to my guys so now it’s off to get manipedis done by someone else. Hugs and love to all. WOOF

  2. Tracey Jones

    Hey Daleen! I was just dremmeling my dogs nails last night thinking “hmmm, if I was to quik the nail too short, what can I use that I already have?!” Thankfully no blood but I love that now I have the cure! Thought of you a lot this Christmas as I used the hot pads a ton that you sewed for me about 4 years ago!! Have a wonderful new year!!

    1. Oh so nice of you to check in! Hello! 🙂 Give those dogs a scratch behind the ears for me.
      How nice of you to think of me (in a good way, when using hot pads… not burning your fingers)

      May your New Year be graced with health, wellness and oodles of LOVE (we call dog hair, “love” in our house) !
      Please stop by again, it was so nice to “hear” your voice.

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