true north

In all my excitement I penned a much too long a post.  I think I will save for another day. This week sometime, for all you curious souls who want to know the “why” behind the project, I promise to share.

Instead of telling you why I chose this decorating gem, I think I will just show you sets of beautiful before and after pictures. .  Yes, good news, I remembered to take before pictures!!

Things you will need:

Vinyl decal   I bought this one from:

Your own Mr. Right to: grumble, fuss, question your decorating sense, climb the really tall ladder, get a stiff neck, worry, talk poorly about the company that made said decal and then leave you a note in the morning saying how great it looks and so glad “we” did it.

A really tall ladder.  Thanks R & S for allowing us to borrow the right tool for the job.  I was briefly toying with the idea of putting our ladder on a table.  There was only one thing that could go right with that idea and about 504 things that could go wrong.  So heads up kids…….. Use a safe ladder for the size ceilings that you have.  Having folks allow you to borrow their handy, dandy, safe ladder makes this project slick as a whistle and safe.  Don’t forget safe.

On with the show!

Time for the before pictures:  Just look at that sad, dull, plain, clean slate of a ceiling.

Oh, and now the not so glorious during photos:

and now, drum roll please……….The beautiful glorious after photos!!!!

PS.  More good news, similar to after painting, when I scurry out of bed the next morning to see if the paint stayed on the walls over night, I did the same with the vinyl decal.  Thanks to my fretting, worrying, fussing, wondering, fingers crossed………yep, it is still up there!

Swoon.  I sort of love it more today than yesterday.

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    1. Thanks for the pat on the back!
      Bit by bit, we are turning this house into a home!
      Thanks for stopping by.
      PS. I know, my original idea of putting a ladder on a table gave you and your boyfriend a scare. I had to do something safer. I could not have answered either of you. “What were you thinking!!!!!?”

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