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January is that time of year when cleaning up seems to be most popular.  Clean this, organize that, come on folks…. jump on the clean band wagon!  clean-me

While I don’t have oodles to clean/organize in our home (junk drawers are named that for a reason, if I organized that it wouldn’t be a junk drawer)  there are a few areas that could use some extra love.

Believe it or not, moving into a home 10 months ago, the kitchen hasn’t really gotten all tangled up.  Now, the pantry is a whole other animal.  We are still trying to figure out that area.  Jeepers.  Wow, what a conglomeration of items.  A few matching baskets or bins is not going to help.  It needs major before and after action.  Pretty much a huge, two person undertaking.  Yikes, not really up for that right now.  Fingers crossed an expedition to the big city for the Home Show, next month will conjure up some glorious solutions.

clean-up-2Lotions, potions and cosmetics.  I took one grocery shopping bag and filled her up.  Yep, if I couldn’t remember when I purchased it, out it went.  Clean sweep.  Very freeing.  (I recently started using  a magic marker and put the date on the bottom of products, so I know when it is time to toss.)

Did you know, in the military,  KP stands for Kitchen Patrol?  I sort of wish it stood for Komputer Patrol. Okay, so computers don’t start with the letter K.

CP.  Computer Patrol.   This month I am  focused on computer clean up.

I went through and deleted/hid oodles of sites and folks that just don’t make me happy any longer on Facebook.

Next, I subscribed to   https://unroll.me   This site is so easy and has been so helpful.

So far this brand new year……..by using this really super, duper simple site…….I have unsubscribed to 120 sites coming into my inbox.  I have rolled up 48 sites that come to me a couple of times a week, which I can look at and open if I wish and have kept 61 sites coming into my inbox.

I have unsubscribed to several blogs that no longer lift up my spirits or health goals.

I cleaned the actual computer.  I frequently use the lap top.  So while I am guessing most of clean-whistleyou never, ever have snacks or drink juice or coffee near or around your computer, that is not the case with me.  I took one of those cans of air and really cleaned between the keys.  I use the correct cleaning cloth to clean the screen.  Golly gee, I even cleaned the mouse and the stand that the computer rests upon.

Yep, she is clean as a whistle.  I just smiled while I typed that.

I went further and deleted several pictures that are no longer relevant.  Don’t fret, I still have every single grand picture and picture of my dog….those are a glorious clutter of happiness!

I am sharing this because, well my shoulders feel lighter.  It seems cleaner and more simple.   The computer doesn’t seem so muddled.

In this together, friends.

Please share any and all ideas for a clean sweep as we embark on a brand new year of goodness.  I would love to hear your ideas.

Here’s to less clutter more happy!

Chat soon.



10 thoughts on “less clutter more happy

  1. Jan

    Perfect blog for my “simplify” word of the year😉
    I don’t have my lap top here, but can sure use your tip anyway, through my phone.

  2. I am in the middle of a de-clutter month. It’s Day 21 today so I found 21 items to be re-homed. Tomorrow the challenge is to find 22 items and so on until the end of the month. I may reserve the last day of the month for a computer clean-up. I feel your lightness. 🙂

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