Here’s a very, very short story that may change how you look at EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, forever. 


A young gal goes home to visit her mom.  They are both accomplished stitchers, excellent work always.  As the visit unfolds, the talk happily turns to stitching.  Then her mom says, “would you please go get my thread box”?

“Sure!” says the daughter.

Although, the daughter had seen this box a million times over in her life time, this was the first time she looked at it and noticed how different it was from hers.

She took one picture.

When she sees the picture now, she is reminded that while we all may do the same hobby or cook the same meal or make the bed each morning………..we all come at it from different points of view.

We all have different things we place value on.

Not right or wrong, just different.

While it makes me happy to be from the more neat & tidy camp, others are just as creative and productive and yes, happy,  in the “hot mess of thread” camp.

I am just saying, maybe instead of pointing out how different we each are, maybe, just maybe, focusing on the things we do the same, might help each of us in dealing with our relationships with very stern mothers, forgetful friends or people who seem to have to do it their way or the highway.

We are more alike with others than we can imagine.

In this case, a picture is indeed worth a thousands words.


In this together, friend.

Chat soon.




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