more photos fewer words

20170415_152818_resizedI recently read where people want more pictures less writing on20170415_152703_resized blogs.

Really?  I wonder why that is?  Makes me a tad bit melancholy.  I want to write and share.  I love reading and catching a glimpse of other writers lives through their blogs.  It is a pleasure for me.

more photos fewer words20170415_152723-1_resized

Today, the words swirling in my brain are serious like Aluminum , Thiomersal and Magnesium.  I want to talk about those.  I want to study more and have an in-depth discussions.  I want to write about and learn more about and share.

For this time, I will share pictures.  Pictures from a brief walk between rain drops this past weekend.




10 thoughts on “more photos fewer words

  1. Jan

    I vote for words. But I do enjoy the photos that go along with them. Especially your before and afters, or works in progress.😊

  2. I’m with you, I prefer words. My husband prefers pictures so with the blog I try to satisfy us both, he can skip the words and still get the story from the pictures, and those that like to read still can between the pictures…

    1. ohhhhhh, I love how you said, ” he can skip the words and still get the story from the pictures”
      You are one smart cookie.
      Thanks oodles for giving me to think about. Sort of makes me want to choose the perfect couple of pictures to go with the story.
      So happy you share.
      Thanks a million for stopping by.

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