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Early this morning a friend invited me to join her on a challenge.  In a Sunday class, the assignment was to write down 20 things GOOD about yourself.  She asked me if I wanted to take up the challenge.

It took me several minutes to agree.  Honestly, it was still early and I couldn’t figure out a polite way to say no.

So, we did a virtual “Pinky swear” (no spit) and got out pen & paper.  pinky swear

I started with a bang and then fizzled out around number 8.


I quite quickly started to see part of the “issue” of me feeling a bit down lately.

There is something very unhealthy about not thinking of yourself as a good egg.

While my mother raised my sisters and me not to be boastful…….there is something to be said for appreciating the gifts that I have.  I sure knew that I needed a boost, so back to the drawing board.  Number 9…….  Really?  This can’t be that hard.

Immediately  I figured out that because this was a difficult challenge, maybe it was something I needed to do.

Here we go, buckle down. Number 9…….  Really?  This can’t be that hard.

I am a nice person.  

Oh, there’s one right there.

I took a break and asked Google.  Who knew there was help?  I found one website mighty helpful.


That search lead me down a fluffy rabbit hole.  100 Good things about Me!  Oh, good gravy, there is NO way I can come up with 100 things good about me!

Wait, maybe I can fill out the list?

There is something rather delicious about nurturing the GOOD in oneself.  Now, I don’t mean to announce your or my list on social media.  I think of this blog as my journal.  So if you read some of my list, keep your lips sealed.  I will never know you peaked.

With each thing I wrote, it sort of became easier.

The 20 things GOOD about me has morphed into a list of 100 things.  No, I have not made it to 100 yet.  However, I am going to keep trying.

If I don’t think there are 100 good things about me…..I am no social genius….I am guessing that others won’t see the good in me either.

So far, I have made it to 47. I am going to keep at it. It may take me a day or two or more. I sort of feel like I need to do this.  I am not sure how easy the rest of the list will come, I just have a feeling it will be good for my spirit and the people around me.

Let’s face it, being around “Debbie downers” is not a picnic.

WE need to do this.  It sort of feels lovely to read all the GOOD there is about yourself.  Sort of makes one blush just a bit.

In this together friends.

Are you brave enough to take up the challenge?  Will you pinky swear that you will give it a try? Please stop by and leave a morsel of goodness.  I would love to hear a couple of things on YOUR list.

Chat soon.

  1.  I am a good wife.  I love Mr. Right and I chose wisely. 20160715_103449-1
  2. I am a good grandma.
  3. I am loyal.
  4. I am calm in a crisis.
  5. I am a kind person.
  6. I am a good mother in law.
  7. I am a good problem solver.
  8. I am an avid reader.
  9. I am nice.
  10. I am good at word search puzzles.
  11. I am kind to animals.
  12. I am good at arranging flowers.purple flowers
  13. I am empathetic.
  14. I am a good cook and baker.
  15. I am patriotic.
  16. I am never bored.
  17. I am good at growing vegetables.
  18. I don’t drink, smoke or take drugs.
  19. I am a good swimmer.
  20. I am good at remembering people with cards and gifts.
  21. I am good at cutting, coloring and highlighting my own hair.
  22. I am good at counted cross stitch sewing and quilting.
  23. I have faith.
  24. I have good manners and table etiquette.
  25. I am good at finishing projects.
  26. I can keep secrets.
  27. I LOVE my children (and their spouses) unconditionally.
  28. I am good at trying new things.
  29. I am trustworthy.
  30. I appreciate talent in others.
  31. I am good at shooting a gun(and hitting the target).
  32. I am good at geometry.
  33. I have strong opinions and values.
  34. I am good at setting a pretty table.
  35. I am good at wrapping gifts.
  36. I am a good researcher.
  37. I am good at ironing.
  38. I am good at decorating and keeping house.
  39. I am very giving.
  40. I am good at training dogs.
  41. I am good at painting. (walls and trim and ceilings and objects….not pictures on canvas)
  42. I am a good listener.  I tend to forget a few things, but I am a good listener.
  43. I have a good eye for composition.
  44. I will stand up for my beliefs.
  45. I write well.
  46. I have a good eye for color.
  47. I have good handwriting.






9 thoughts on “ridiculously amazing list

  1. This is so beautiful! What a fab idea. I need to work on this too. Here’s a few off the top of my head.
    1. I’m a devoted wife. I chose wisely too. 2. I’m a good daughter. 3. I am a wonderful nana. 4. I make terrific baklava. 5. I’m a good writer. 6. I’m a good cook. 7. I keep a warm and cozy house. 8. I take good care of my pets. 9. I’m good at being responsible and stepping up. 10. I am good at helping/ serving within my faith.

    1. This makes me so happy!
      Doesn’t it feel warm and delicious to actually say good things about ourselves?

      I am so QUICK to critize myself. This is a first for me.

      I really love your list. I actually love that you said, I am good at being responsible. That reminds me of me! My sisters use to call me being bossy. I love how you described yourself. This is vital.

      Thanks for jumping on board, commenting and sharing.

      I appreciate you being in my corner and not thinking I am being silly.
      Hugs from the west coast.

    2. Alright. Here is my list: 1. I am almost always cheerful. 2. I am very honest. 3. I appreciate beauty. 4. I am artistic. 5. I can make bread from scratch. 6. Children like me. 7. I keep promises. 8. I am persistent. 9. I know when to quit. 10. I love adventure of any kind. 11. I am friendly. 12. I have good attention to detail. 13. My children love/respect me, and it is mutual. 14. I am dependable. 15. I only speak good things about people. 16. I am calm in a crisis ( I copied you here.) 17. I see beauty in whatever I am looking at. 18. I love learning new things (usually). 19. I don’t mind (very much) stepping out of my comfort zone. 20. I am gentle when I correct someone.

      1. Hiya friend,
        I love that you shared your list. Oh, I want to copy you…… “I am gentle when I correct someone” WHAT A MARVELOUS quality. I have to think about that. Am I gentle when I correct? I believe I am. I know for sure I am copying your number 14, I am dependable.
        I can honestly say, I am enjoying this blog topic. If for no other reason, then it has got people talking. Most folks have said to me, “I can’t come up with 20 things.”
        Yes, I know it sounds boastful and vain. (If you haven’t noticed we live in a somewhat self-centered, social media kind of life) I think taking a bit of time to be kind to ourselves and gently remind ourselves that there is so much good to like about us, is indeed going against the flow. We dig our heels in and fight against ANNOUNCING to the world how GOOD we are.
        I am for sure going to try to continue to add to my list.
        Thanks for stopping by and sharing your goodness.
        It made me smile.

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